Just Saw Tito

i was at a local huntington beach bar, and i saw Tito. I talked to him a bit and bought him a drink. And yes, his eye was still fucked up!!!!! Damn that poke in the eye really fucked him up

OK, im hammered and just got home from the bar, but just wanted to share with you, that titos eye is still fucked up.


Did he say who he is fighting next?

"Damn that poke in the eye really fucked him up "

lol, yeah the stitches right below his eye were from that poke too


Chuck thumbed Tito in the eye. Why can't you guys at least admit that?!

Why does everyone seem to eliminate the possibility that it very well could have been an accident?

Chuck committed an accidental foul, but I don't hear Tito complaining so why are you?

Remember that Tito made a nice chuck of change for that fight even with the loss.

It was an accident.

tito headbutted evan, you know

that was not a headbutt.

i was also sporting a punishment shirt...

if Tito didn't KO Evan with a headbutt, then Chuck didn't KO Tito with a finger in his eye

AND EVEN IF HE HAD, Tito is the one that loves to do dirty shit like sticking his finger into that cut on Frank Shamrock's head. If they'd stopped the fight on that cut after Tito pulled it wide open, you think he'd have regreted it?

HE DID NOT THUMB THE EYE! It was a fist. The cut on his cheek is all of the evidence you need, the punch skipped off of the cheek. And if there were any thumb in the eye then so f*cking what? It would have been incidental and therefore not a violation of the rules.

it is so funnay & lame how a guy talks about seeing tito in a bar & the thread digresses into typical bs banter.

Scan you are a total waste. Sprout a brain.

true dat... i agree..

chuck is a good fighter, but his stand up isnt as great as some think. Rampage and couture showed us that first hand.


I've never been a huge Tito Ortiz fan, but Chuck sure as shit did (accidentally) thumb him in the eye.

westcoast bad opinion knocking fools out is technic and chuck has that technic down very well.wild haymakers looping punches bitch slaping like the giant it dont matter how you get the ko.

Tito got paid 125,000 in his loss to Chuck and Chuck got 50,000+50,000 for the win.

lol @ thumb

Man people are so whiney.  He lost and that was that.