Just say Uwe Boll's Postal

My mind is blown.

If Ed Wood and Hitler mated - I am almost sure Boll would be produced.

Honestly, I am still trying to get my mind around the disgrace that I have just seen, so I think I will defer to a quote from the Onion's Nathan Rabin's Postal review.

"Postal brattily cycles its way through a long checklist of comedy taboos - 9/11, Concentration camps, Pedophilia, Bin Ladin, Hitler - but there's something strangely affable and breezy about its unwillingness to take anything, including itself, remotely seriously. In just one of the film's many curious paradoxes; Dave Foley commits deeply to not giving a fuck; the loosey-goosey non-chalance of his performance is unexpectedly winning. Any film that boasts a lengthy and strangely hypnotic appearance by Foley's flaccid penis, Verne Troyer being sexually violated by an ocean of CGI monkeys, and a climactic speech that prominently features the word "fucktard" has at least an element of novelty going for it. Only in Boll's upside-down world would a half-hearted assertion that his latest film isn't really all that terrible almost pass as a ringing endorsement. With Postal, Boll clearly set out to make history's most offensive, hateful movie. As is his custom, he failed spectacularly."

Actual quote from Boll's director commentary "If you are offended to see that movie, it is your mistake, because you got the wrong education, and the wrong childhood, and the wrong things, basically the wrong thinking. You have to change, not the movie."

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say Uwe Boll's Postal

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