Just set up RAW...

I'm a stagehand at the T&M. Spent all day setting up, 6am-5pm. I didn't care to stay to see the show. I'm tired, and I have to go back to tear it down at 8p.

Some matches will be, RVD vs. Shelton -opener, Murdock vs. Kane, Main Event will be Spirit Squad plus HHH vs. H.B.K. That all I can remember right now. There will be a segment with Trish, she will introduce her friend as "Beth Phoenix". I watched her rehearse it. Trish is fvckin sexy in person.

Random people I saw backstage: Dusty Rhodes, Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Ted Dibiase, Sgt Slaughter, J.R., Cole, Snitsky, Luther Reigns, Ricky Steamboat, and everyone who will be on RAW tonight.

Maria is maybe the hottest chick ever in person.

All the wrestlers are smaller than they look on tv. I watched H.B.K. being sprayed with fake tan. That was kinda funny.

I'm not allowed to talk to talent, but I sat next to Eugene during lunch. Next table over: Viscera, Umaga, and Kane. Next to that table: Cena, Maria, Torrie, Victoria, and Mickie James. Cena's a pimp.

thats cool dude and ya cena does seem like a pimp

Cena is an OG'er, it seems.

Dusty and Steamboat work for WWE now?!

"Maria, Torrie, Victoria, and Mickie James"

TTT for sharing a table (or anything) with those 4.....


Ricky's a road agent for them now, so is Dusty.

I'm glad they're employed; thanks.

" Next to that table: Cena, Maria, Torrie, Victoria, and Mickie James. Cena's a pimp"

Because he can.

The joys of being WWE champion.

Luther Reigns is back? I wonder if Cena is banging Maria, or at least Candace (who is a real sweet heart in person) but I heard she was married to some doctor.