Just some casual conversation

Yo @RhinoHog how’s things going up north? Hows the shoulder holding up? Anymore bear visitors?

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All good, therapy ongoing for shoulder and back in non-bear country right now. Will be back out there Monday though.


Is this seat taken or do you two want to be alone?

All are welcome for some casual conversation in this og speak easy!

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How long are you doing therapy?

Is the bear place your property, or do you go to a park or something?

Im working through the weekend this week. Get my boy Sunday. Looking forward to seeing the little turd.

@TeamEvilBadGuys Hey bud, how’s it goin…

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Sup, HP?! No timetable on surgery, eh?

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How much more you got left on that house?

This feels like an AOL chat room

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Bear place is mine. 180 miles from home in the southern Canadian Rockies. Therapy is Active Release Therapy and some Graston technique. Probably another couple months. I only have 3 sessions in and it will be around a dozen. Thanks to our “free” health care my ultrasound isn’t until August and an mri is a 9 month wait.

Well I got it all tore out and cleaned up. Got to rewire it. Then do drywall and flooring. Still got a pretty good ways to go.

He wants to have it done by August. So I think we’re making good time.


No read above. If I need surgery it won’t be until 2022.

I have a guy.

Need me to get you some fake papers made up and you can come to the good ole USA and get a MRI, then just skip town on the bill?

I’m pretty sure I am hurting my left shoulder too at this point. lol

Fuck it, I want to box. Right shoulder is all jacked.

That’s cool you can do it as a side project as long as you don’t mind the extra hours.

Yo cotton! Do you have any sparring partners or anyone who can give ya a good idea on if you’re ready to box someone?

You should at least do one ammy bout or something, just to have a payoff for all the work you do. Man there is nothing funner in this world.

Ya, I kinda body checked the ground from around 12 feet off a triple.

Can you use it much?