Just some casual conversation

Yeah. It’s really close to my house. I just walk over there and work a few hours every evening. Then if I don’t have a job on a day I’ll go put full days into it. The home owner is fine with it taking a while.

He was originally supposed to be working on the place too, but since he hired me he’s just said the hell with it and left it all for me lol.

Yes, I have been sparring. It isn’t a pure boxing gym and they don’t have a pure boxing program but they are doing their best to help me.

If I continue the weight loss I will fight in the fall ammy unless I seriously hurt myself prior, which is probable at this point.

We have a 2 tiered system, I can pay myself for imaging and get into the same place in a week but I have know one to see the images, ie orthopedic surgeon, as we can only see them by referral from a GP Dr and that takes months. It’s fucked.

Good job man. I’m happy to hear that. You do anything to help with recovery after a training session? Icing stuff? Hot tubs? Cold tubs?

The shoulders don’t get better with age, that’s for sure. You gotta rest them, man, or they’ll get worse.

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My offense is ready. Defense and other aspects need work, but that comes with training. I feel like I can walk down most guys pretty easily that aren’t high level because of my hand speed and combinations that nobody expects from am old white guy in his 40s.

Yes, lift over head from front and 45 deg from front so therapist is happy with ROM. Can’t be a full tear with that ability so may sneak out with therapy and no surgery. But have to wait for imaging.

That’s been a problem with your health care system since before COVID, correct? Obv worse now…

That’s at least somewhat encouraging!

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I am putting off physical therapy on my right shoulder because I was told by the Dr to go only to get an excuse to get an MRI. He knows it is fucked. I will get the surgery later. I want to do this and don’t have much time so I will get it repaired later. I can throw a hard straight right, upper cut, and body shots. I only have limitations on wide right hooks and overhand rights. I have spent all this time on the left to make that not an issue.

Unlikely any golf this year as that season ends around October here. That sucks. Bike I crashed I just bought. 13K. Light riding but no more track this year. It’s all good. Staying positive.

Do you play alot? I haven’t picked up a club in 4 years and don’t miss sucking at it.

Damn! Is the bike OK?

EDIT: looks OK! Sweet ride. I’ve never ridden a motorized two-wheel anything ever. My uncle was spread across 40 yards of bad pavement on one when I was 10…never interested me after that.

I used to play 25 -30 rounds a year but it’s been pretty slow the last couple, wanted to get back in more with kids grown up. Yeah bike is fine, some scratches and tweaked the bars a little.

Rhino you should be playing more golf with OGers. Since they all shoot in the 70s after a year of practice :joy:

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Just saw the pic. I love two strokes so much.

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I usually fall asleep after two strokes.

Or smell alot of burnt toast.

Fuel injected and oil injected. No mixing gas. KTM got it dialed. They own Husky and Gas Gas.


You dirty old man.

Nice! It still sounds like a 2 stroke though right?

I’ve never ridden anything that nice or new lol