Just some casual conversation

I learned on dirt at around 7 years old. No auto clutch bike either. Right on an 80 real bike. Started street at late teens. Still raced motocross until around 26 or 27… Now trails and track for fun… well fun when not biffing a triple… lol.

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Cant u go 1 night without flirting with other men? Ur back to being my property now start acting like it!

Oh yeah… It hauls. It’s not a wide ratio transmission, it’s a mid. Between the motocross and enduro’s.

Apparently not, Creepydoug. Apparently not.

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What’s top speed on something like that?

Internet says 112 mph max but that would have to seriously up the gearing ( much smaller rear sprocket than current ) Stock gearing I would say 80 mph, but in 6th gear it might be a while to get there. 0-60 is seconds.

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I drive 07 truck and pull an 11 5th wheel. My toys have always been more important than 90k vehicles. Just me, to each their own. Modest home.