Just some observations on MMA

Hey guys

here are some observations I have been noticing of late, which no doubt many here have observed.

Online MMA fans are some of the most feisty, negative, sceptical, aggressive and often non-supportive 'fans' in any sport.

I am curious to know how many people that are online fan's legally watch MMA shows, whether attending an event, or watching on DVD (when those DVDs are made available...promoters ;) ). Following a PBP account that your mate is texting you or following a PBP thread on here or another forum doesn't count either.

This sport is one of the few that we have direct access to officials and competitors, and often this access is used by condemning, abusing and bickering away at the very people who make the shows happen.

Now granted there is still alot to be desired in Aus MMA, but criticism in cyber space will change nothing.

To those who think fighters owe you something, they dont. one are you a paying fan ? and two if you are most fighters are just like you, fan's and I gurantee the vast majority make no or very little money in this sport. So no these guys don't owe you a thing. Remember some of these guys have to go to work on monday as well(and most likely make alot more in a working week than in the fight)..so take that in to consideration when one observes self preservation inside the ring-cage. Because medicare and work cover don't cover MMA injuries.

Some times shows and promoters make decisions or matches that cater for the mass market, and not us. Matches of talented champions versus a chump, make no difference to the bloke who walks into the show happy to spend money on the ticket and drink's while watching a visually excuting sport-spectacle. The hard core fans dont make the majority. The majority are people who don't even know what the guard, or what BJJ belt he is let alone the finer points of our sport.

And until we have a co-ordinated sport and a rankings structure, promoters and shows can match anyone, however un-deserving, against a 'champ'. Because at the end of the day, what ladder is there to climb ? And who defines who as deserving?

If you really care about the sport then support it. Get out there on the grass roots level, rise above in-house politics around outsiders. Who really cares what BJJ academy is the best at the pan pacs, or who is affiliated with who and so on..this is MMA ! Educate, support, talk, respect. And remember it is the person who pays for those tickets, and who buys the DVD that promoters are most concerned with. Not the guy who down loads a show from a streaming site, or a guy who only goes to a show if they can get in for free.

Im sure there are more nuances...but this is just my rant. Sorry for sounding like an anal warrior from knit land.

Take care guys

Kym Robinson

Kym, your post is sort of in the right Direction,
Do you Follow a FOOTBALL team?
Have you been to every one of there matches, read the articles about the team, critisised the players or the managers for the way they have performed, if you havnt then id say you would be the only FAN that hasnt.
Do you follow pride and read the pbp or do you go to japan for the events?

lets say you went to the last ufc #66, like a couple of my mates, they spent alot of money to get there etc, to watch there Fav fighters, when the fighters dont perform on the night, is it fair to critisise them?, id say yes.

Why would there be any fans at all if everyone lived in fairy land and got on, the fights would be pretty boring, and the more controversy surrounding the fighters, or sports stars cricketers tennis players what have you, the more people are interested
thus making FANS.

but how should the fighters perform ?
criticism is fine, but here actually blasting fighters consistently, what does that prove?

That you have an opinion and that you hate or resent some one ?

Those other sporting people are not on forum's and as easily accesible as MMA fighters are. I am not advocating ass kissing, but respect.

Football teams play weekly during the season. MMA fighters or shows are quartley on average and cost about the same ticket wise. Football, cricket and so on has HUGE advertising and sponsorships and is free to air so I really don't see how they compare or on pay TV.

With my post, I wasn't trying to be on a soap box. But I just wanted to make my thoughts heard. Not to antagonise.


kym, Name a fighter that is being blasted, on Aussie forum anyways.

I have seen (and wrote myself) some fair enough straight up question, and i can understand that not everyone shares the same point of view and there are a few that dont get on, but theres not a whole lot of "i fucking hope you die in the ring" type stuff written.

peace :D

I also believe that criticism is vital to the sports development. By this I don't mean intense personal attacks, but criticisms of officials, promotors, shows etc are important.

" but criticisms of officials, promotors, shows etc are important."

But not fighters?

More on criticism.......

Constructive criticism if that exists is vital & as for personal attacks..

I think as long as the criticism is valid & directed at the persons MMA face rather then their private non MMA face its all good.

ie. criticise a fighters ability, a promoters bias/impropriety, a referee's incompetence & judges lack of knowledge or a trainers ability to train BUT ones sexuality, race etc..... is what I'd see as an unnaceptable personal attack.


The thing is this...

It's a niche market and the people on the net are the arm chair quarter backs that consider themselves to be the experts.

Whether it's MMA, dogfighting, wrestling Dungeons n dragons or whatever little nerdy niche net forum I bet my ass there are little factions squabling all day every day.


^^^ True True,

But its not just the Internet, Having Trained in many Gyms over Australia and the UK, i can guarantee that the same things get said and done and played out in the gyms too.

and so the world turns.

on a side note Justin, after bringing up dog fighting i just got in "ff the chain" today a doco on pits, which is very disturbing to say the least.

Indeed true.

I hope from my thread it doesn't sound like I am getting all flsutered over the matter. I just wanted to highlight points.

I am in no way accusing or defending, just wanted to make apparent what I have observed or felt on the topic.

Yes, the sport is growing and evolving, and it is a sport of passion. I love the sport and I really wish to do my best some day soon to help it some more. But I think that at times to many outsiders, our sport appears somewhat fragmented and segregated between varying camps of self interest.

Thanks again guys/

Keats...how the heck have you been mate ! been ages !
Hope your well...


I have no idea mate....as MMA here in Adelaide is almost as fringe as goat porn fetishes...

I think in Qld and NSW it seems to be going ok...

Then again...I have been very in-active of late.

Hope the injury is ok. Im back into it tonight. So we shall see where I am at over the next few weeks.