Just spent the last three days in Boston

Didn’t rent a car, just walked the city and took the subway. Watched the Red Sox lose to the god damn Brewers. I’ve never been to the North East before, and I found that there are definitely a lot of beautiful women in that town compared to the behemoths that walk the streets of Minneapolis. Had a pizza at Sal’s in South Boston and clam chowder at Legal Harborside. Overall it was a great experience and I would love to go back.

Also, looked like an OGer frequented the subway

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Are you sure you were in Boston? Boston is known for having the frumpiest females in the world.

Damn. We could have schooled you on much better pizza and chowda.


Lots of tight spandex walking their little dogs where I was. I had no complaints

They used to be now Boston has tons of bangers

All the gals along the orange line are gonna be super fit doing a triathlon to get to work

Gotta tell us in advance, we coulda set you up at the ramrod!