just started muay thai

ok, i have some questions for you guys...
ive never done striking before. ive been training about once a week with a reputable instructor from thailand( i know i need to train more x a week)for about 2 months now.

i consider myself in decent shape, ive been doing bjj for a while and i dont tire easily.

now when i do these kicking drills i get so tired so fast. the instructor is a real perfectionist when it comes to form so i think im doing the kicks right.

how long will it take me to start not getting tired so fast? also how long does it take before it "clicks?" on average, i know everyone is different.

when do u think i will be decent enough to begin sparring?


hehehe...there's differences between BJJ/Grappling type of training compared to striking. BJJ is more anaaerobic than cardioaerobic aka striking. So u'll work harder in terms of striking till u learn to RELAX. I think if u go 2x a week in terms of striking art u'll be pretty technical in a month. However with MUY THAI since there are tons of weapons will take longer. In boxing u'll be sparring in a month. In Muy Thai prob. longer.

Hi there waltersobchak. Everyone is an invidual i dont think anyone can say there is a set time period where you will become good. Give it about three months you should see increases in your endurance and you wont be getting tired as easy. Have you looked at your diet that also plays a major part make sure you load up on the carbs befire training. If need be take some bannanas with you.

In terms of sparring your mentor should be able to tell when you are ready. People pick up quickly some pick up slow. Just make sure when you are out of class that you constantly practice e.g kick reps, shadow sparring these will aid in taking that step to spar fully.

And one last thing the most important thing is being patient. Good things come to those that wait goodluck man!

Training 1 time a week is not enough to develope good conditioning IMHO. I also don't think it is enough to get your skills improving at a decent rate. Again just my opinion

I know this may sound stupid, but remember to breath!! alot of times I see people holding their breath when they punch or kick because its a natural reaction, some people also think this makes one hit harder.