Just Started WOW.... Some Questions...

I've never played an MMORPG. I jumped on the 10 day free trial of WOW last week and this shit is pretty addictive. I have some questions. Right now my guy (human warrior) is at level 15.

1. Is there any strategy to the combat? Basically, I charge rush an enemy and stand in front of them. I hit one of the combat buttons, wait for my icon to reload, hit another button, wait for it to reload, hit again, etc. Is that a stupid way to play, or is that how its supposed to be played?

I cant figure out why I dodge, parry, or block sometimes; or why the enemy does it. Is it simply based on chance, or am I supposed to be "timing" my combat?

2. If I team up with some other people, how can I tell what mission we are on? I teamed up with 3 guys, and had no clue as to what the hell we were doing. I just followed everyone and killed who they killed. So if a mission is supposed to grant 900 experience, and you complete it with 3 people, is the 900 split 3 ways, or do you each get 300?

As you level up, you will get more abilities, some passive, some active (more buttons to click in a nutshell).
Some abilities are better in some situations than other and it will be your call on what to do when.

Your dodge/parry/block all have a chance percentage in your character pannel.
This is dictated by your gear and some talents.
Same for your hit/crit chances and your attack power which has an impact on how much damage you do.

You get bonus experience when in group so that the share of XP is rouhgly what you woudl gain solo for monsters you kill.
Quests are an individual XP gain, the number doens't change in group or not.
I believe next to the quest in your quest log you can see a number indicating the number of people that share the same quest with you.
You can also share some quests (but not all of them, quest resulting in a long serie of previous quests will not share properly)

I have no idea how much of this you have access to wih the trial, i know it does limitate what you can do/see in the game quite a bit.

^^Thanks dude... One thing that the trial limits is that I can't talk to anyone. People ask if I want to join or whatever, and I can't respond cuz its a trial. Damn bastartds!

Combat is based a lot on the gear you have and the bonuses to your gear. Your talent build also affects combat strategy.

Ability choices and timing make a difference. An example is using a spell-disrupting ability on a spellcaster and then unloading heavy hitting abilities while they are defenseless. Coming up with the best ability rotation against each threat is a good start for learning how to fight effectively.

Distance also plays a part. Ranged damage dealers should always stay at range to prevent close quarters damage dealers from being able to retaliate. Kiting is an example, where a range damage dealer will fire at range and then run backwards, continuously unloading on the closer quarters fighter until they are dead or get within melee range.

Taking cover behind objects is also another tactic that is useful against range damage.

Effectively using buffs, potions, and other consumables also helps in combat..

start using keybinds right away. dont get used to clicking as it's a bad habit.

WTF is a keybind? Phone Post

basically, using keys to activate your skills instead of clicking on the buttons. for now you can just use the corresponding #'s, but eventually you will want to get more advanced. really it's not a big deal, i was a clicker for years.

 ^ It can be a big deal. A long time clicker I knew wanted to arena, and he spent a couple of months and still couldn't get the 'hang' of it.

So he clicks to his heart's content in SC 2 now, rofl.

I was going to start playing again but, every time I try to download patch 4.0.1. It will just stop and say either download connection times out or couldnt get patch info or will stall at initializing. Can anyone help? Phone Post

Just to make sure...it costs $20 per month for subscription right?

15, if u pay month to month.

The more time you buy at once the cheaper it is. You can buy a year I think and it works out to 8 dollars a month or something.

As to patch issues check the FAQ out on the blizz site.

I had a problem there also, but it was because I didn't roll my WoW account over to battle.net...if all else fails you can always call someone and they almost literally hold your hand through the process.

And as to key binds I have a hunter and I got far as fuck in season 3, that was a long time ago, but clicking is fine, you just cant let it break your concentration and you have to remember to move, if your standing still in arena your doing it wrong.