Just talked to my brother

I just talked to my brother, well my dad just talked to him, anyways he said that everywhere they go (in venezula) they have to be transported in an armored truck(sp) just like how they transport money from the banks. he said that they have guards carrying guns watching over them 24/7

HAHAh yeah so he said its a lil weird and kinda scarry but anyways he finds out today if he starts tomorrow against argentina

Wow, talk about insane. Does he know if that's how ALL of the teams are being transported, or just the Americans? I certainly wish him and the team well tomorrow in their match.

DJ- Hes not a hothead but he dosent take any bull

takedown- Im not sure, I think just the americans

According to goal.com, they're staying on Aruba due to all the hostility. They'll fly to and from for their matches.

tell him to have a word with Tevez....something along the lines of:

"You'd be mad to leave West Ham...that is what every player dreams of....."

gl to your bro Uly!

lol @ govnor

yeah today is the day, he said hes gonna come in as a sub so hopefully he'll get some good playing time

20:50 Eastern Time = 00:50 Friday June 29, 2007 GMT

There you go DJ, I took the liberty of converting it from Yank O'Clock to Limey Mean Time for you

I'll now give you the correct version.

20.50 Eastern = 01.50 Limey Timey!!

I might actually try and watch this....


Should update later.

You sure about that Gov? The Time Limeyfication converter I used must be wrong cause this is what I got

20:50:00 Thursday June 28, 2007 in US/Eastern converts to
00:50:00 Friday June 29, 2007 in GMT

Daylight Saving Time is in effect on this date/time in US/Eastern

Daylight Saving Time is not in effect on this date/time in GMT

GMT is not actual UK time though for part of the year ( if memory serves)....you need to factor that bad boy in!!

The UK is never less than 5 hours ahead of Eastern time.

basically, GMT is one hour behind UK time.

it's taken me 27 years to get a grip on US time zones, I don't think I can handle learning more...

GMT is stupid..that is all you need to know!