Just tapped a keg of...

Alesmith Anvil!

Such a wonderful beer. It's an ESB with a bit of flair, California style. I'll have a full review tonite when I can pour a pint that's less than half foam :P But it's damn good stuff!

i've never had anything from Alesmith :(

Hop on a plane... come to thebrewery, you can taste all the beers for free (they have 8 on tap)!

Good man :) Watcha get??

Enjoy :) I had some fresh Numbskull and IPA when I picked up my keg. Good stuff.

When I went in on monday to order it, Matt was giving a tour of the place to a guy and his cousin who is the production manager for a brewery in Germany. He tasted all the beers and loved the Wee Heavy and the Speedway but hated the IPA :P

Ya, well it didn't suprise me or Matt, in fact Matt wasn't even going to give it to him but he asked for it. Being a german brewer he was big on his lagers, hence the love of the Wee Heavy, and an IPA is about polar opposite of his preference :)

It's my favorite IPA tho... it has a very distinctive taste, in fact if you were to taste the Numbskull, IPA, and Anvil ESB back to back you'd recognize an similar taste in all 3 that I can only call the Alesmith Taste since I don;t know what it is :P

Ya, I dunno what it is but it's distinctive in all their beers.