Just Taught My Oldest How To Drive. How Old Were U

...when you learned to drive?

I just got back from teaching my oldest how to drive. Nothing complicated. We found an empty parking lot and she drove in left circles, then right circles. First without the gas, then with the gas. Then she parked. She did really well, and I'm pretty proud of her.

She's fifteen. She'll start driver's ed soon at school and I didn't want some stranger to see her take her "first steps".

I figure most kids in the city must learn around fifteen.

It got me thinking that I learned to drive when I was about ten. Out on my grandparents farm. I used to drive meals out to grandpa, dad and my uncles when they were out on the tractors. It seemed normal.

I failed my first driving test because I had bad habits like knocking it in neutral when slowing down instead of shifting through the gears.

When did you learn to drive?

Started at 15 1/2 and got the license on my 16th birthday. We were under the impression that those were the rules so we followed them. 

I also failed my first test. Instructor had me make a left turn, some asshole pulls out of a parking lot and guns it to go straight through the intersection as I was turning. It was like 2 seconds from him being in the parking to him wizzing past me. Instructor had to hit the brake on his side. Said I didn't yield, which was bullshit. Fuck that guy.

Scheduled my 2nd test in St Jean (you were stationed there for a bit if I remember right Trav?) hoping it would be easy driving. The place was on a fucking busy industrial boulevard, test was at rush hour. Nailed that shit, 100% second time around.

I was 16 when I learned, got license at 17.

In before all the chuck knuckles who grew up on farms and shit

"I learned when I was 12"

"I learned at 5"

"I learned when I was 6 months old"

What a weird thing to cling to as a badge of honor.

14, farm work

I started young on back roads with my old man. Was doing all the driving by the time I was 10. 

Started my daughter sitting on my lap when she was 8. She's 11 now and does gas and breaks by herself, but sits between my legs. This summer she'll be in the driver's seat on her own. 

She also moves the vehicles around the driveway  when we are shovelling. 

12 or 13. I was a young chuck knuckle.

When I was driving on actual roads? 15 years old.

I remember steering the tractor sitting on my Dad's lap at around 6.

We had a dirt kart track in our backyard and raced Quarter midgets from 7 on.


Driving a street car around 13 when I would steal my Mom's

Thanks for the compliment Fanboy. I'm not doing anything special. Ha.

How's the fishing in SC? Ours is the best in the world. Our hunting too. We have so many deer and moose, they're a menace. People hit them with cars all the time. Moose kill

My uncle taught me when I was 11, drove my first stolen car in the city when I was 14.

When I was 16 I was a passenger in a car crash that took my friends life. I was terrified to drive all this time. I just recieved my G2 this month. Took me years to get the guts! The freedom!!! I loooove crusing! 

What's a G2?

King Trav - What's a G2?

New Ontario licensing standard. It's called the graduated license process. I had my full license when I was 16 (within 6 months of my bday), now it's done in stages with restrictions at each stage until you pass your G test. The theory is that with the restrictions at the earlier stages and a longer time to obtain your full G you'll have less irresponsible and immature drivers on the road.

G1 and G2 = our old 365 learners permit

G= Full License 

My son goes for his full "G" today and he's 19, been driving since he was 16. He better pass I don't want to be this dad.


My 12 year old drives my SUV on our property 

14. We didn't have a driveway so I learned to parallel park early.

12 on road, out of necessity. Had to drive home because my brother who was 16 was passed out drunk. 


Why don't you like driving or owning a car Steve? Cost?