Just to be clear

That was “motivated conor” in there tonight right? I realize they say this before every fight. Then he loses. Then everyone forgets that they said all the stuff about how he is REALLY HUNGRY AND MOTIVATED this time.

I just want this here to be able to come back to in case silly old us forgets again!


He wasn’t outclassed shit happens

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You’re right. I’m sure next time he’ll REALLY be motivated and hungry. Not like all these other times when they were just kidding about it :joy:


Conor is very hungry to eat shots and kicks from everyone not named Cerrone

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So THATS what they mean when they say it! I wasnt taking them literally. Dammit this whole time I thought they were just using it as a copout and saying he only lost because he wasnt motivated.

Stupid me!


“Stupid me!”

First accurate thing you’ve said.


Says the guy who was more impressed with the “fighting ability” of the man who was clearly losing the fight :joy:

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Oh, you’re one of those “says the guy…” then inaccurately describes something, thinking it’s really insulting?

Now that I know what type of person I’m typing to, I’ll just bid you a good night.

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What are you talking about?! You very clearly said that you were more impressed by conors fighting ability, even though he was getting whooped!

Its a exact quote lmao

Do you have any actual fight experience? Dustin was throwing nasty stuff, but not much of it was doing anything. A few landed while he was on top, but Conor was throwing heavy elbows off his back. He also didn’t allow a BJJ black belt to keep him down the entire round, or give any submission opportunity.

Yea, I was impressed by Conor tonight. Compared to his last few fights, it seems as though he is hungry. Hope saying that makes your fucking head explode and you never post on here again.

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Are you crying right now? You seem emotional like woman.

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I have a slight suspicion that’s nothing you’re now, nor ever will be familiar with.

Odd fight. Dustin was clearly in cruise control, ate a couple and still tossed Conor twice and was belting him from the top. Conor isn’t the fighter OR shit talker he was 5 years ago. Time to quit, all down hill from here.

Phahahahaha. Only thing relevant is BUT
Conor was winning second fight BUT…
Third fight he would have won BUT…
Reality is last two fights he ended up on his BUTT


He can climb back up by fighting Denis Siver or Diego Sanchez. He will be calling them out soon.

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Kirkslice Jr acts as if this were a walkoff ko victory or a lopsided 50-45 drubbing by Dustin.

I picked Dustin to win and had the fight continued I think he would have. But let’s not pretend this was a definitive finish that leaves no doubt.

Again, I think if it continues Dustin wins. But it didn’t continue.

I like homecheddar better when he’s not playing UG sheriff and instead makes threads about turtles and stuff.