Just to let you guys know

ZANTREX-3 Is working for me.. I know many don't believe that ANY diet pill works in any way shape or form.. and I can tell you HOT ROX does not do anything I was training harcore BJJ 6 days a week three hrs a day including bag exercises blah blah for about four months straight while keeping a very low fat diet and no sugar blah blah../ well I barely lost any weight and I switched over to ZANTREX-3 and I have lost four pounds in two weeks.. and I am not even exercising as intensely as I was with HOT ROX.. not even close.. it is working on me like ephedra did.. kill my theories now.. and it isn't water weight .. my stomach actually shrank thanx

I have used both hydroxycut ephedra and ephedra free... i think it is a good product.. I am in relatively good shape..I can grapple for 15-20 minutes a time w/out gassing usually I am 5-11 189 pounds..but this Zantrex stuff is really works man

Sweet deal. Glad that it works for you.


how much $$$?

Varies from place to place..I paid 39.00 I think

cool. I'll have to check it out