Just to say thanks!

Wow, well I just got the 'How To Beat A Grappler' in the mail and man, I'm impressed. I don't know if a video could possibly be more solid than that one is, just straight jam packed with information. First time seeing Blauer teach and not only was I in awe of the confidence he projected but his improv jokes had me laughing my ass off as well. Just a truly outstanding video and teacher, thanks again Tony.

(I don't mind if an admin. deletes this thread, probably doesn't belong on a Q&A forum. Just as long as the appreciation is passed on to the Blauer team.)

I don't think anyone minds kind words.

I sure don't :-)

Glad you liked the video!

It is the #1 all time seller at the office. It is actually the first video to formally introduce the SPEAR System! It's amazing to watch that video and see the evolution of the system through the later videos.


Thanks!!! I'm glad you finally got to see some

Glad you liked the jokes too...I like ot have fun
teaching and training.

When you can check out our new research on the
SPEAR System and other training evolutions.