Just turned 30 TME

What happens now? Everybody is telling me it's downhill from here. Most people thought I was 22-25 when I went on vacation though. Phone Post 3.0

It will feel like warp speed and before you know it, you'll hit 40.

30s are awesome.

Physically 20s will always be the best, but mentally and financially you should really start to feel like you're on your game.

Do some form of stretching everyday, especially if you're an office drone. Work on maintaining good posture.

If you don't have it yet, establish a good baseline level of fitness, and a life routine that facilitates/maintains this. No fucking excuses. Cycle between lifting heavy to develop absolute strength, and work to "work capacity" and strength-endurance. Moreover, steady state cardio work isn't a waste of time; it can serve as moving meditation.

You will start having ideas entailing regret, buyer's remorse, etc. This is normal, but don't give into them. You are still definitely young and can improve/change your life if you desire.

Me to Phone Post 3.0

I have been in the gym and eating pretty good for the most part lately. I haven't been this consistent since college. I actually feel really good and financially I have no worries. Some people tell me the clock is ticking to settle down and have kids. I really don't even feel like having a girlfriend at this point though. I enjoy being able to do what I want, when I want. Phone Post 3.0

OriginalTUFer -

Anyone who thinks it is all down hill from 30 peaked way too young. There is no way your life should have peaked before 30. If so, you may be doing something wrong.

I am 35 and so far it is the best decade of my life.

Yeah, every 5 year period has been better than the previous one. And my 30-35 is gonna destroy 25-30 Phone Post 3.0
I bet...Banging those 9.5's!! I couldn't help it... Sorry. Phone Post 3.0

OriginalTUFer - Haha, no worries! Phone Post 3.0
How old are you now? Phone Post 3.0

I'm not sure if I agree with my physical peaking in 20's. Aside from hair loss everything is still improving.. Definitely thicker now. Phone Post 3.0

You'll realize what an idiot you were in your 20's.

Im 32 and got carded for a lotto ticket the other day, approach at I bretheren.

Non N00B - Im 32 and got carded for a lotto ticket the other day, approach at I bretheren.
Lol.. Nice. I get carded all the time. I dont even get mad anymore.. I guess it's a compliment now Phone Post 3.0

Here comes the pain.



Back pain.


Knee Pain.


More back pain.


Shoulder pain.

Judge Mental - 

Here comes the pain.



Back pain.


Knee Pain.


More back pain.


Shoulder pain.

Had all that since 16.....just worse now! Like bad lol

Knees and lower back... Actually hurts less now that I don't wrestle anymore. Fuck lifting heavy and Olympic lifts. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck a lotta women. Don't consider a serious relationship for at least another 5 years. And when that happens make sure the chick is 5 -10 years younger than you. But don't forget to fuck a lotta women. 2 at a time if you can. Phone Post 3.0

Don't worry your good until your 37. After 37 your basically 40. I'm turning 39 in 2 month so i've been 40 for a couple years now

30 in 6 days Phone Post 3.0

Your hangovers are about to get much worse. Phone Post 3.0