Just visited Hawaii

Well, I just got back from a great vacation in hawaii and I had a chance to train at BJ's school and I even got to roll with him. Everyone including BJ was super nice and I had a great time. Everytime I have been to hawaii I have been treated so good. This was my first trip to the big island but I will definatly be back. Thanks to BJ and Reagan and everone else at his school for letting me get such a good experience. Those guys train hard!!!

Brad McCall

Oh and thanks to Hitman Dan for the threads, best gear ever!!! They guys over there were stoked.

cool thread... glad you had a good time...
was reagan training again already?


Does BJ have a website?



yeah Reagan was training. I love hawaii, If I could get a good job I would move there for sure, Im sick of cali. Everyone is so laid back there. I got good waves, fed like a king and great weather...IN JANUARY!
My friend just moved back there and lives in Kona and drives all the way to Hilo just to train with BJ (2 hours). All he does is surf and train. He only works when there is no waves (his boss surfs too)! I love how everyone BBQ's almost every night and makes huge meals.


One day... one day, I'll be there.

I definately like the big island more, oahu is to much like LA.

luvconstrictor, I don't think so, but there was alot of people in class so I may be wrong.

When I went to train I got sort of lost and was about to ask some random person how to get to the school when I see a white truck with a tapout sticker on it with a big dude in the passenger seat. I pulled up next to them because I was sure they could give me directions and the big guy in the truck was none other then Cabbage! He was really cool and gave me directions. pretty cool I thought.

I love Oahu... SHit I better I might be a resident there soon... lol

das why you gotta come to the west side of oahu!!!


I'm going to Hawaii (Honalulu) in Feb late. I'm gonna train when I get there at least twice in that week, and I'm thinking of setting up a private with someone. BJ would be great, but I'm not sure where his school is located. I'll be staying at the alamoana hotel on Atkinson street.
Anyone have any suggestions of schools and/ or privates to look at? I know Reylson is nearby, as are the onzuka's.

BTW: I hate flying. :)

hey did you actually train with Bj? what do you think about his skills? Or How about meeting with some of his top fighters out of his school? I know that they are really cool in Hilo and would like to go there myself!! You lucky guy!!


How close is Charuto (contact info?) from my hotel area? the others? thanks

when i went to Hawaii, i got to train at the Jesus is Lord Gym. I didn't get to train with anybody from the school, but everyone i met was nice. I ended up training with the people i came over with. Hawaii is a nice place to visit. But food is costly. Bring whatever money you can, and then bring some more.

Charuto(HMC) is downtown which is not far from Ala Moana area.

15 minute drive depending.

Brad, I'm glad you had a great experience in Hawaii. Althought I don't believe Oahu is like L.A.!

"How close is Charuto (contact info?) from my hotel area? the others? thanks"

Charuto teaches out of HMC / NovaUniao in Kalihi... which, like Junon mentioned is about 10 or 15 minutes from your hotel... only a few miles really...

Also teaching out of the same gym, if you're interested in stand-up, is Haru Shimanishi (formerly of AMC)... so that's a lot of quality instruction out of one gym... :)

It's where I train as well and there's a great group of guys there to train with... I'm sure you'd have a great experience if you decide to come train with us...
You can look up the address, phone #, etc... on their website should you be interested... www.hmckickboxing.com

Cool you got to go. If there was a way to get a decent job I would definetly move back home. Haven't been back in in like four years :(