Just want to say

" God Bless you people" Brian Warren www.unbreakablegym.com


Monsters Ball - Thanks Brian. God bless you also.

 Monster, have a great day brother. BW

 You too Bri. Yer a good man.

heres a serious question for you people,now i dont believe in god myself (or maybe i do,but not the man in the sky pullin the strings god),and i see mr warrren here makin these threads all the time,and while i dont agree with em,i dont come in here just to talk shit...he was fuckin sayin god bless you and you come talk shit? i just totally cant wrap my head around that lol

 They don't hate me, they don't know me. They hate Jesus Christ because of the sin in their life. Sin seperates you from a Holy God Jesus Christ! Get rid of the sin that takes over your life, repent & ask for forgivness from the creator of All things Jesus Christ & then He will show you true peace. Out of Love Brian Warren



I have it on good authority that "jesus" has a restraining order on this fruitcake.