...just wanted to put it out there

"...actually, Tony... to make money FOR spilling blood and to represent are 2 reasons... I have had over a dozen major concussions and I know how to count, buddy; what's your excuse?!?! lol"

we all know you forgot the comma, don't backpedal old man. representing yourself is different than representing your team. 4 reasons.

...ACTUALLY; if I would have used ANY comma then it would have been more than the two reasons... To say this and that and then that as well doesn't neccessarily require any commas; as just stated. To represent myself as well as my team is one reason. To spill blood to make money is one as well. There is no comma because the SPEAKER stated two ideas; old young whatever you are. I didn't post on here to talk to Webster and his dicktionary... or do you believe that to be misspelled as well?!?! If I wanted to hold anally-retentive attention towards an online whatever-the-hell, then I would have posted on some dorky thesaurus chat thing like you obviously do. This isn't about backpedalling; I was trying to rectify my statement because you read it wrong. This is a fight post, so WHO GIVES A DAMN ANYWAY?!?! Like i said, if I want an English lesson I'll go back to school; smart guy.

talk 'bout being picky, dude; dang... LMFAO

I'm just curious... what jiu-jitsu blackbelts have you embarrassed?

...just a couple of friends in dallas who study the art who challenged me to grapple down. No-names (like myself THUS far) as far as this site and (NO COMMA!)MMA is concerned, but practitioners for MANY years nonetheless... one a black-belt who is more aggressive than his master-status older brother.

that one, in particular, got so frustrated that I was handling him that he started eye-gouging me. I then had to remind him that that is the "art" I am most familiar with, streetfighting, and that he really didn't want to go there. lol

jesus christ... first of all, rickoshay, i have been playing rugby for 7 years, but have been streetfighting ever since i was in preschool when i smashed a kid's nose who was my brother's age (HE was in the 3rd or 4th grade). secondly; the guys i have wrestled only practice the arts... you wouldn't know the names as well as you all wouldn't know the names of the top-tier div. 1 and 2 rugby teams in the westerns. you people, most likely, don't even know WTF the westerns are anyway. have u ever heard of MLR?!?! MOST LIKELY NOT. as i have stated before, i am NEW to this "competitive fighting" stuff, but i am OBVIOUSLY not scared since i have given MY name and the name of my trainer. once again; HE IS EASY TO FIND. i haven't talked stupid crap 'bout hitting as hard as a professional boxer, but i wouldn't back down to ANY human; REGARDLESS of if i thought his crazy, dumb ass was going to bite my damn ear off or not. please; let me know if there is any more confusion so far and i will dissipate it... let me state, ONCE MORE, that i am not known in this "circle"... YET.

u would have to ask "The Crutchmaster" himself. we have merely trained and sparred thus far, but grappling is secondary in my mind to feeling blood spurt on my face from another human... we have grappled once to a draw; yet he has submitted MANY. not me yet.

i ENJOY wrestling and grappling, but i LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV striking. ...comfortable w/ both, but LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV striking.

Actually, champ, there aren't that many BJJ black belts around, so chances are most people here would know who they are.

You are full of shit.

a what/ what drama!?!?! hey; seriously folks... i wanted to refuse coming on this post, but my trainer said it would be good so i did it. coming from a youth w/ "limited hearing" i KNOW that most talk is B.S. i told him that there will be plenty of talk 'bout me when i go do my thing, but i decided to go on here anyway. i am not hiding anything. i am not bragging. i am new to this stuff and ...JUST WANTED TO PUT IT OUT THERE (as simply stated) to get our name out there in the public... keep it simple ya'll...

What the fuck is all this?

WTF IS BJJ ANYWAY?!?! i said JIUJITSU or however the hell u spell that. is that brazilian jiujitsu or something? i never said that; u morons are putting words in my mouth. i am a streetfighter who has been kicking ass in another sport AS tough if not TOUGHER than mma (YES; TOUGHER!!! look THAT sport up; schmucks)who has out-grappled wrestlers and people who practice various martial arts. i have beaten on guys who practice kung-fu who have beaten down 2 guys at once. that is proof enough THUS FAR. BJJ... i don't even know WTF that means. i am new to all this (i haven't even been online that much thus far!!!); i don't know all of your lingo (check this, bjj that... i don't NEED to check anything 'cause i spit merely what i've seen so far. i don't NOW enough 'bout this stuff to talk smack; smart guys). do u know how to properly ruck and maul in Rugby? didn't think so, so there's no need to tell me about crap i have no idea about yet... gimme a damn break...

first of all; USE YOUR EYES to LOOK that i have never said anything about bjj. TELL ME WHAT THAT MEANS FIRST before u think i know anything about it. i have only said anything 'bout jiujitsu practicioners. in america. i am assuming bjj means brazilian jiujitsu, but i could be mistaken. blow job jockey?!?! WTF does it mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know plenty about the art of "i'm gonna jack u up as much as i humanly can befo' my heart stops pumping", but i don't know how KNOWN that is!!!!!!!!!!! lol

i respect this sport, like i do all others, but i have never b.s.'d because that would be INANE. gimme info. or gimme a break already...

damn; PLEASE someone tell me wtf bjj is... really. i'm not dumb, but i really don't know the lingo nor have i practiced a martial art to the point where i am comfortable knowing wtf u all are talking 'bout. i just wanted to help myself and my team become known so we can fight. there's 3 of us so far and we ALL just want to fight. simple.

omg this nub

dang; just keep it simple... unless your attitude is "well; if that dork doesn't know then i won't tell him". then that's all good; i'll be learning as i go along. simple... ty guys for being candid and positive, but for those who wanna poke fun; just sign up w/ my trainer and u will find out how aggressive i enjoy being first hand. simple.

nub this nub freakin' yankee from michigan. i've been there on many occasions... not much to see... and who the hell is Mr. Fred Ettish?!?!? please, people; i am just rapping and trying to defend myself from people putting words in my mouth and all this other mess. and what does TTT mean? i can admit that i am ignorant to your sport, but i am trying to learn... chill already...

can someone just get over yourself enough to help educate me on your lingo?