just wanted to say what up

I was going down the list and thought that i would just stop and take the time to see how every one is doing. like me or not you are all in some my family. so i thought that i would come on here and say hello. maybe it is because i am in a good mood or something or maybe it is because i have been gone for while and just wanted to write. nothing big, talk to you all later.

lil evil


When ya gonna come fishing? The tailers(tailing redfish) are everywhere lately, got 9 yesterday.

Snook spawn is in a couple months too.

Any news or interesting updates?

What up Jens!!!

whats up Jens! I hope all is well man!

hey Jens, I just finished watching your 6 tape series last night. Hope to see you back in the cage soon


when are you gonna come pimpin? the Trixies (hot bitches that fuck on the first date) are everywhere latly, i got 3 last weekend. Spring break hoes roll in about a couple months too.

What's up Jens? Good luck in Shooto. I really hope to see you back in the UFC soon.

It's almost fishing time again!

Jens, I FINALLY ordered your book :)

It says it wont deliver till mid/late March though.. Arrgh!

Screw that boxing match on the 28th...

Come up to Montreal to corner Horn. I'll buy you the best chicken dinner with gravy money can buy, and get you so drunk you'll end up pissing yourself...

Good times... ;)


Pulverizer..good book..thanx for visiting

How is the boxing coming along? When will you fight again?

i am ready for some fishing that is for sure, as for news well, nothing to great with a cut on my eye it is hard to get in there and really bang. the 28th still might be a go if the dr says so, i will keep you all up to date on that. just training and sleeping is all i am doing here in iowa, looking forward to my fight in japan and can't wait to show you all some new things i have put together for the ring, if you don't like the first five seconds of my fight I will hang my hat up and call it good. I have been working on my new style of fighting and boxing will only help make it stronger. JHR i would love to be there and dinner almost sounds better than the drinking.....almost.

Jens, don't hang your hat up!!  New things always take time to per-fect!

ttt for Jens in Montreal hehe

hey Jens what was the entrance song you used at UCC 12? I think it rocked.

I didn't mention the strip joint yet did I ??


I'll spot you $10 in "loonies" to put down her G String....


Hope to see you fight again soon. You're an action kinda guy.

Do you sell your book directly?

Dude....Dude....Dude... have your manager call pride and go make some BIG $$$$$

What's up, Jens! Hope all is well with ya!

TTT for lil' Evil

Good luck Jens. I know you will do well.