Just wanted to say....

Today is the first day that politics of the grappling and MMA community have actually gotten to me, preventing somewhat my progress.

Very disapointed in those involved especially as they are individuals that i have always very much respected and held at a very high esteem.(still do regarding their skillz) I'm not exactly sure how i was involved but i must say i must have been in denial thinking the politics of sort whether they are based on internet, interclub or just plain gossiping, would never effect my training. Training to me is first and foremost for FUN, i think people forget this and allow other things to blur that fundamental point.

I wish those involved would clear up whateva it is they think i have done or said via even the slightest bit of investigation which would show that i have no such involvment in petty politics, bitch talking about ANYONE in the MMA or grappling community.

Just my 2 cents. Actually quite upset about the burning of this bridge.

whats going on ?

Me no speaky da chinesey?!).

Well leMON, what ever it is, I hope it all works out for you. You've always got an ear to chew on if you need it.

Good Luck.



Thanx elvis.

Yeh it might be a little melodramatic, i'm not naming anyone coz its not my intention to bitch. I suspect the individuals involved "heard" i said something or misread a post on the internet, because i have never been anything but immensley positive about them and their gym (which i had no reason not to be either they always treated me very well).

Reason i post is because i always hear about these sort of things happening all over the world and never thought it would land on my own front door.

ohhh son drugs will end ya

Ahhh... ok, I'm seeing some light, it is politics involving another academy... Yeah, I've seen the same thing happen recently. Rumours get around and people tend to believe them and pass them on rather than going to the source to dispell them. It happens, it happens everywhere not just BJJ.

Good Luck with it.



elvis right on the sweet spot.

Hey Lemon,

Ray Floro says you suck. I heard it myself... ;)


Hey LEMon,

Hope all is well. Just saw your XFC fight last night on DVD, very good fight man!

Sorry to hear you're having hassles.

Like Elvis, I too recently had problems.

"...Rumours get around and people tend to believe them and pass them on rather than going to the source to dispell them..."

Elvis is correct, you should go directly to the source. That may or may not stop the rumours.

Take care LEMon.

ooh,fiii dollaa sukki sukki!


:( politics are a real shame. Hopefully it will all be fixed up.


Give me a call. You can get my number off Justin. If you don't have Justin's number, just go down to the local public toilet and grab it off the wall. ;)

Just jokes Justin,.. then again your not here to read this!

Smellabox, u have the most disturbing nickname haha.

Beldin of course he isnt :)
I'll be contacting ya soon.

Hey LEMon :)

More juicy detail please.


I heard 'The Swan' got upset when he got a squirt of 'LeMon juice' in the eye..

Stay posted for more obscurities.....