Just watch Irvin-Silva...

First of all its sick. Very nasty as irvin's leg popped. Rogan said that he popped his acl and more than likely he tore it.

Yep that fight was sick. I hope Irvin is ok.

thx em

I thought it was going to look way worse from the reports. Still nasty obviously.

The word is that there's no surgery required.

worst part is thiago celebrating into the camera like a scumbag, then his buddy comes up and tells him to stfu, scumbag.

shame... irvin was looking good... hate to see that happen to a fighter...

won't be making any gifs of that fight! OUCHIE

it didnt look that bad. im sure his leg got seriously messed up there, but i rather keep watching that all day long than see one of those femur breaks. just seeing that stuff makes my own leg hurt.

ttt thanks for the vid.

Hope irvin returns to full health.