Just watched Brazil Nationals 2006

This DVD was a lot better than I expected, but I do have some issues with it. First of all the good (and there is a lot of it).

This DVD has quite a few Andre Galvao and Marcelo Garcia fights and it is a great showcase of both of these talents. Marcelo has prob 5 fights including his final matches against Galvao and Maia as well as his open weight match against Galvao (Marcelo gets a great sub). Galvao also has 4-5 matches and his game is soooo well rounded. Other notables are: Romulo Barral, Demian Maia, Pimentel, and Telles. There are some really good matches on this one. Barral's guard looks like a hassle to deal with, Demian looks strong and in control, and Telles has some of the most relaxed turtle matches I have seen.

The film quality is good and there are multiple angles which are nice.

The disc is divided into Best Fights and the Finals.

Now for the complaints. Well, they are few, but important for the sake of precedence. The previous Brazilian Nationals (BJJTAPES' Triple Header) is also 34.95, but it includes the Equipes and the International Masters and Seniors. Triple Header is LOADED with great fights (one of my favorite tourney DVDs of all time) and it set a great precedent for value by including all three events on 2 discs (DVD-9s I believe). This year's event, produced by Gracie Mag, has GREAT fights, but I was surprised that they did not go with the Triple Header formula.

The reason this is more important is that if Gracie Mag produces the Worlds- I am hoping they go with multiple DVD-9s (as were past events); not edit all fights to one disc and charge the same as last year's event.

The fights on this disc are great, especially if you are a Marcelo or Galvao fan, but I am just saying that they could have tried to surpass Triple Header instead of falling a little short (at least in terms of value - Triple Header also had a ton of Garcia fights and also included Jacare, Paixao, Cleber, Leo Leite, and a bunch of other great guys that I cant think of right now).

My other complaint is even more minor. The menu screen is poorly made and the scene selection screen is archaic. Just names on a screen. I had some problems fastforwarding between certain fights, but that may be my player - don't worry though, everything is chaptered and the skip function worked well.

Final thoughts - the DVD has some great Marcelo and Galvao fights that will sell this, but it lacks the polish and value of Triple Header.

this dvd, is it the mundials, or is it something different

It is the National Championships of Brazil.

It is a great tournament DVD . You can get more info at www.jiujitsuprogear.com

not to hijack, but jjprogear, you guys planning on running any xmas sales

How was the camera work?

In BJJTapes' DVD's the camera was always zoomed waaaay out, so the 2 competitors were tiny little specks in the middle of the screen sometimes. I got the feeling that whoever was filming the match just aimed a camera on a tripod at the mat, zoomed way out and walked away.