just watched Fujita vs Fedor

I have just got a huge respect for Fujita

Fujita is cool fought hard against Fedor and even harder against Sapp.

fujita kicked sapp's ass, even incorporating a soccer kick


he did rock fedor on the feet, but I think taht woke fedor up more hehe

Fujita was great, and Fedor did exactly what champions do.

I was never a big fan of Fujita;s, but since he dribbled Sapp's head like a soccer ball I have to love the guy.

In my opinion, besides being a good wrestler, Fujita is just a strong guy with a hard head.

I never saw Fujita VS Sapp, who won? HOw did it go?

Fujita immediately took Sapp down with a singler-leg takedown, got side mount, and then basically just stood up and soccer kicked the shit out of Sapp until he tapped.

Fujita is good but he was gettign his ass handed to him by Ken when they fought and Ken gassed and Fujita got the win because Ken's corner threw the towel.He did well against Fedor and is a tough guy but still a one-dimensional fighter.

Fujita is needed in the ufc, he would be great with the cage.

Fujita was impressive, but to me Fedor was even more. Nobody had stunned Fujita before. He can take unbeleivable punishment. Crocop stopped him because of a cut, not a KO.

Yet teddy bear Fedor sends him to the canvas for over a minute. That dude hits haaaaaaaad. The choke was truly brutal too. He picked up a 260 pound man by the thoat and bent him backwards.

Big misconception out there that Fujita didn't follow up his big punch. He did try, he was throwing punches and trying to get free from Fedor, the problem is that Fedor is a strong, strong motherfucker who was dead set on clinching and not letting go.

fujita isnt a good striker, but he has the power...

That fight was impressive for both Fyodor AND Fujita - Fyodor showed the heart of a champion by collecting himself and dispatching Mr. IronHead in short order!

Fujita was great, and Fedor did exactly what champions do.

  • no doubt.

Fujita is not better than Mino but he did take away from Mino's victory over Sapp somewhat.

Remember when we were all wondering how Erikson and Sapp would go? Well, in comes in Fujita, who is only about 240-250 to Erikson's 280-300 and takes Sapp down in seconds and its all downhill for Sapp from there.

More proof that styles make fights.


Fujita is a fighter that has really improved since his debut (dropped into a grinder). He has improved his subs and striking as well as maintain his wrestling skills. He has seemingly flown under the MMA radar and deserves more that what he has been offered. Good luck to him.