Just watched K-1 japan Grand prix

Butterbean completely embarrassed himself in this fight.Bernardo beat him to teh punch every time and een landed a spinning heel kick to the Bean's face once in the first.

He dropped Bean twice in the first round and would've in the last thirty seconds but Bean held onto the ropes to keep from going down.

It didn't matter though because Mike kicked him in the head in the openning seconds of the second round that put him down for good.

the Sapp fight was decent.he fought the Stephan guy whose last name I can't spell.Sapp threw really good hands in this one and actually showed some decent technique.He must have been taking his training more seriously.Stephan took Sapp down with a picture perfect double but Sapp got back to his feet and threw more straight punches,yes I said straight punches not theusual haymakers.Stephan tried to shoot in but Sapp locked him up in a guillotine in the corner and got the tap.

he then walked overto Botha who was ringside and said "you're next buddy" to which Botha approached him and Sapp threw a water bottle at him(current fad in the fight world) to which Botha threw a chair at him. I feel this last part was staged but entertaining none the less.....

Musashi also looked good in hsi tournament avenging the fight against the brasilian that mounted him last time and beat on him.Musashi won by decisively this time by outstriking him.Musashi has come a long way since the old days.if I had seen this tape sooner I would've probably not been as surprised that he made it to the finals of this years' GP

I forgot to mention that Butterbean almost tripped and fell on his fatass on the way to the ring