Just watched knife fighting tapes

Scott. I just received the bayonet fighting set and went to the knife fighting
tapes as that is my primary interest. Excellent production and clear teaching
principles combine to make a very good instructional set. Something else
about the tapes struck me as well. You seem to be an egoless instuctor. I
say this because you "allowed" Shawn to shine in these tapes without
trying to "hold him back" or make yourself appear to be his superior or simply
better than him. This strikes me as reflective of you as a martial artist, teacher,
and organizational leader...this strikes me as a reflection of your honest sincerity
in enabling (in a positive way) those who you are bringing along with you in the martial
arts. The best teachers I have ever had have been like this. They withheld nothing
and were completely supportive of their students maximum development. Thes
teachers have been rare to find. I am hoping to be able to train with you in person
someday, possibly at a ROSS camp to experience this first hand. Til then thanks
for the martial epiphanies your tapes have helped me to achieve. I think your
tapes have helped increase the speed and depth of my Martial Arts evolution/journey.
Monte Moore