Just watched Panams 2004

The dvd is awesome and the event was incredible. There are some great fights on here and here are some personal favorites: watching Jacare work on Braulio's incredible open guard, Braulio v. Werneck - just for the sweeps alone, Bibiano has an incredible game that I have never seen until now, Jacare's and Terrere's sub fest, and Leo Viera showing some of the loosest and fastest gi jiu-jitsu that I have ever seen (just watch him fight Alves, you'll see what I mean). There are a ton of great match ups and great fighters, and a ton of SUBS. Great stuff. I can make a match list if enough are interested, but believe me there are plenty of good ones to make this worth it.

How many of Braulios matches are on the dvd? Is his match
with Margolis on there?

Wow, you have yours already? I ordered mine on Sunday night and they just sent my order out today. I thought that kind of sucked and am a little PO'd that I have to wait another week till it gets here.

I'd love to see a match list so I know what I'm getting when it arrives.

Bibiano Fernandes x Andre Soares

Braulio Estima x Cassio Werneck

Jacare x Braulio Estima

Todd Margolis x Braulio Estima

Cassio Werneck x Todd Margolis

Marcio Corletta x Café Dantes

Marcio Corletta x Fabio Ribiero

Daniel Moraes x Carlos Vieira

Daniel Moraes x Edson Diniz

Fredson Alves x Leo Vieira

Jacare x Fabio Nascimento

Jacare x Pascoal Castro

Jacare x Terere

Jacare x Todd Margolis

Carlos Vieira x Jared Wiener

Leo Vieira x Renato Migliacio

Carlos Vieira x Mitsuyoshi

Leandro Escobar x Dai Yoshioka

Eduardo Telles x Rener Gracie

Terere x Alan Zborovsky

Terere x Paulo Guillobel

Terere x Fabiano Victorino

Terere x Rodrigo Teixeira

Gabriel Vella x Eduardo Telles

Leo Vieira x Fabio Nascimento

Eduardo Telles x Todd Margolis

Terere x Ricardo Barros

thats badass, i cant wait to get it

The Mundial will be very interesting this year. You will have in the Open BB division - Pe de Pano, Roger Gracie, Jacare, Braulio, Gabriel Vela, Cafe, Werdun, Leopoldo, and others.

It should be a very exciting year for the Mundial.

No Andre Galvao matches? That guy looked like he could have beat several of the black belts.

Braulio beat both Margolis and Werneck, not bad for his first Black Belt competition,He will be one to look out forthis year, He tore up the Brown belt division last year with a total of seven fights all won in under 5 mins total. Get the Pan Ams dvd from 2003, there are a few of his matches on there. BjjTapes you need to get some more coverage or outlets in the Uk, especially with Braulio and Rodger teaching there full time.