Just watched Roy vs Hopkins/Toney

I just got done watching Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins. It was kinda a borning fight but Roy controlled the whole fight and Bernard really couldnt do anything to him. But I havent seen Bernanrd get beat before so it was impressive non the less.

"When I beat Bernard Hopkins and won the IBF. the right was hurt, beat him with the left. Ya'll musta forgot."

And his fight with Toney was more exciting. Toney couldnt really mount and offense against Roy. It was kinda funny seeing Roy drop Toney with the hook. Wasnt a clean KO but still funny non the less.

"You remember the left hook that James Toney got, sucker move I stole from a Gamecock. Ya'll musta forgot"

Jones beat Toney by decision, not knockout. The knockdown occurred becuase Toney was being a fucking moron and was sticking his chin out at Jones. Also, Hopkins was very green at the time when he fought Jones.

Roy was also superhuman quick during those fights. Quicker than he was at light heavy. Ninja fast.

"Jones beat Toney by decision, not knockout."

yeah I never said he won by KO.just that he droped him

"Hopkins was very green at the time when he fought Jones."

That was Hokins 23 fight and Roys 22. But I see your point.

You can argue where Roy falls as far as an all-time great boxer but as a rapper he SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't quote him any longer...

"Please don't quote him any longer..."

K just one more time....

"And they got the nerve to say I aint fight no body, I just make them look like no body. Ya'll musta forgot!"

I have both of these fights. The Hopkins one was boring but it was funny watching Toney get knocked down. He looked like a jackass.

Jones made Toney look so bad. I could not believe how bad he whipped Toney. Jones/Hopkins was a much closer fight.

"When I eneter the ring the call me Siere, I wont stop boxing till I retire.Im ROY! YALL MUSTA FORGOT"

"I got KO'd by Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver, YA'LL MUSTA FORGOT!"


that must be the remix version


"Run first - fight second."

He sure ran alot

won 49 (38 ko's) - lost 3 - drawn 0 - tot 52 fights

His hands were so fast that it just looked like he was running.