Just watched Shock Wave 2003 .....

WTF was Giant Silva even doing there? I thought that Pride fc was where the best of the best mixed martial artists came together to test their skills.

Shit man I felt sorry for the big guy. He was so slow & imobile & clearly never had any real training. It was plain to see that he was only there for the freak factor. He's probably never face anyone that really wanted to fight him (coz he's scary as hell!), after the first leg shot he looked scared & confused. Then to add to his humiliation double H did that matador taunt with his hands.

This was like watching the scene from Gladiator when the Christians were fed to the lions.

Thoughts on the other matches?

From interviews and people's comments it seems like Giant Silva is actually a pretty cool guy.


No doubt he is a cool guy.

The other matches....

Don Frye vs Gary Goodridge, dam this fight put the Shock into Shock Wave.

Rampage was on top form but I thought it was stopped a little premature (when you think of how Tito recovered so quikly after Ken knocked him down in their match).

Murilo Ninja's fight was awsome.

Mario Sperry's fight was disapointing (I'm a Sperry fan).

Sakuraba vs Nogueira. this was the best fight of the night for me. Nogueira has dam good hands.

Daniel Gracie vs sataka wataru. great fight.

Tamura kiyoshi vs Ronny Sefo. this fight had me yelling at the screen, I'm a Kiwi & hated to see Sefo go out like that.

Royce vs yoshida. great fight but I really wanted to see a submission.

I just got my copy from FCF yesterday,i really liked the show.

No way the Frye-Goodrich fight was a work,don did a face plant on the canvas.

Royce looked good,his movement on the mat was awesome.

Saku again fought a guy a little too big for him,he really,really needs to come to the UFC and fight in the middle weight division.

Mach-Takase was a great match too,back and forth battle.Why isnt Mach fighting in the UFC?

Anybody else think the Royce "win" was WAAAAY overblown?

silva was making more money than ufc pays their champions lol. japan cares about entertainment. ufc cares about what they make, not the fighters.

Who cares? He is still the most protected fighter at Pride for a reason. Entertainment or not.

Just watched the Shockwave DVD & it was awsome. Not only the fights but also the double DVD! The bonus disc has all kinds of stuff on it that I"ve never seen from Pride before. A great behind the scenes look and un-cut fighter stuff + PRIDE GIRLS! They really stepped up with this DVD!

Can't wait for last years tourney!!!

Royce vs Yoshida... it was great to see Royce beat on Yoshida for 20 minutes straight. No decision was a good rule, both fighters are legendary, and this was a great display of skill on both parts, and as applicable where representative of two great martial arts, Judo and Jiu Jitsu.

I watch this match sometimes just for the hell of it. It's amazing to me that some people fail to share the same appreciation for it.

"silva was making more money than ufc pays their champions lol. japan cares about entertainment. ufc cares about what they make, not the fighters."


Somebody's an idiot. Yeah, PRIDE's not trying to make a buck...fool.

Can you guys tell me what the special features and extras are?


They have the uncut fighter interviews from before the fights and interviews with the fighters after the fights has well.

They have a feature with the pride girls but i didnt watch that yet.They have extended Comments from Royce post fight(Royce seemed really proud of his draw)

Also on the 2nd disc they have Fighter bios,rules of Pride fighting,fight dictionary,intro highlights,
along with fighter photos.

Great DVD set.

PS - i know Mach lost to Hughes but just because someone loses to Hughes doesnt mean they dont belong in the UFC.