Just Watched Sicko

Just watched Moore's "Sicko".

What a depressing movie.

US Healthcare system sure sucks.

I'm Canada. The healthcare here is not perfect, but it's pretty descent, and I hope it will stay that way, or better.

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I work for the city, and so I have great medical benefits, but I'll be the first to say that the system sucks.

The only people in America who say otherwise are the pretentious fucks and wannabe pretentious fucks who like to pretend they're more deserving of life than the lower class.

Perry's got coverage. Who cares about the 50 million Americans that

One of the social studies at the high school I teach at just played that movie in his American Problems class.

It's interesting to see normally reserved and conservative students suddenly enraged about our health care system.

lol, why dont people just get healthcare? You can get it through almost any job and if not, there are private healthcare companies and health care companies for contractors est.

All of the poor are covered on healthcare through Welfare, all of the old are covered through Medicare, It is not like all these poor and old people do not have healthcare.

It is the middle class and upper class that do not have it sometimes, but it is a choice as they can afford it.

Health care is not free, Medicare and welfare are not free, I pay for them.