Just watched "Smashing Machine"...

And I really wasn't impressed. I liked the training and MMA footage, but I really didn't think it was a great documentary.

What did you guys think?

BTW, on the DVD they include the "Fight Day" film about Renzo. It's okay and has a great sparring match between Renzo and Ralph.

It was an awesome documentary! An excellent DVD.

Not sure how much your opinion is worth being the fact that you cant tell the difference between Ralph and Ryan.


Can't imagine why anyone would say it was a bad documentary.

It was a very honest look at what ended up being a sad story. And it was filmed beautifully.

The extras are outstanding. I think it's the best quality $20 a fan can spend, personally.


I thought it was incredible.

I thought it was awesome... The Renzo short was especially good. The part where Renzo is talking about surfing and makes some comment about "I tried to surf last year and I almost drowned..." - That's pure Renzo

It wasn't supposed to be a History Channel special on MMA. It was a documentary centered around Mark Kerr. Because of Mark Kerr's personal problems and the time invested, the filmmakers went off on a few tangents because Kerr's story had several lulls and looked to be coming to an early end.

It was his articulation and personality contrasting his profession that made the filmmakers think he'd be an interesting subject for a documentary. It'd be like finding a rage-aholic who's a world famous concert pianinst.

"It was about Kerr and his dysfunctional personal life."

Absolutely. It wasn't about MMA. It never offers a judgement on MMA either.

Coleman didn't whine or cry. He stated his reasons for being involved in MMA are his family: he's in it for the money. Again, it's an honest look. These guys went from amatuer wrestling to MMA because they felt that was their most lucrative option.

Look at Mark Kerr's support system. His family hates his involvement in MMA. Mark is said to have waited until his mother's death before taking up the sport. And he's got a girlfriend with major problems.

Compare to Renzo Gracie's support system with the added "Fight Day" documentary and it's another layer of sadness.

Great film.


I thought it was very interesting. the "Fight Day" mini movie was awesome for a fan- especially the end of it, when Renzo is sitting there watching Saku beat up on Royler, not knowing what lies ahead. Very cool stuff.

You can tell they kind of cobbled the Renzo footage together, but it's great stuff. The deleted scenes are awesome too. Plus you get the Renzo/Oleg fight from Reality Superfighting, and a Ricardo Almeida fight as bonus.

Again, I just can't see anyone complaining about this DVD.


I sound like a damned commercial

Hey, I enjoyed it, but I really didn't think it was a very compelling documentary.

I felt it was uneven. They didn't really have a theme throughout, and switced back and forth between Coleman and Kerr w/out any real connection.

I liked it, mostly because it was a documentary based on MMA. I just didn't feel it was a very good documentary.

Takes more than one viewing to truly appreciate the depth of the documentary.

Classic fighter bio, very candid and honest from Kerr.

Amazing doco, like or not, if you enjoy MMA, you should see this DVD.


geraldbb: I have heard others say they enjoyed it more the second time, so I'll check it out again.

MMA and documentaries are two of my favorite things and having them together was just too good to be true. I felt let down after it ended, but maybe my expectations were just too high.