just watched some pride shockwave

here's the ones i watched:

aoki vs. hansen - hansen came out looking furrier than usual and aoki came out with long spandex. didn't really see any of hansen's stand-up cause aoki took him down right away. aoki has some great bjj and tactically worked his rubber guard and caught him with a gogoplata.

yoshida vs. thompson - this was a war. yoshida did not wear his gi in this fight and may have paid for it. he was so close a few times with some locks but somehow thompson escaped all of them. maybe if yoshida wore his gi he could have employed more subs. great win for thompson who took out a very exhausted yoshida with strikes.

fujita vs. wrestler - not a contest at all for fujita. onesided the whole way. i mean his opponent came out with his left arm extended the whole fight.

hunt vs. fedor - very impressed with hunt. one thing he may have exposed was fedor's possible weakness of submission defense from bottom. but it's hard to tell since we don't see him often on the bottom. fedor eventually took side mount and locked a kimura. hunt would do well in the ufc.

ishida vs. gomi - ishida could not showcase any of his groundskills or gnp cause he got caught right away with a hook that put him down. gomi came in and finished him quick. pretty brutal.

wished i could have seen the other fights.

yeah i heard melendez kawajiri was fight of the night

as for the Yoshida fight.. Yoshida was dominating until he fell on his head. They should have stopped the fight right there due to injury and given the win to Thompson.

Yoshida was out of it at that point.. and took a lot of unnecessary punishment.

Here's the Melendez fight: http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/search/melendez/video/xw961_gilbert-melendenz-vs-tatsuya-kawaji

Gomi is unstoppable in Pride! Can't wait to see him fight Gil.

"The guy on the bottom put his shin bone across his throat. Then he pulled his head down with both hands, and made him tap. "

yes, that is a gogoplata



I think he thought that was a homoplata.

If Nog and Barnett fought at every Pride event,I would watch it and still be giddy like a school girl.

"I don't speak gay Portuguese. And neither does the guy who applied that choke."

aoki doesn't hide the fact he practices "BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU", i'm sure he knows what a gogoplata is whether he knows portoguese or not.