Just watched the Elvis Fight Again

...Noticed he had Chuck Drywall's Charicture on his shirt, too cool! Good fight Elvis, hope to see you back in the ring soon.

You almost had him Elvis, good work.

No, I dont think he threw it. I just think he lost. I like elvis cause he keeps moving and keeps fighting.

Gutsy performance as usual. I went crazy when Elvis dropped him and was working that kimura.

Yeah, I noticed that as well. Despite the outcome, it was a great fight for Elvis.

With whom does Elvis train with in the land down under?

Elvis is always a gamer.. especially when he threw that knee.. and
pounced on Bisping.. but he really was sucking some wind when he took
Bisping's back.

Elvis should go up to Big Bear with Tito..

Elvis runs his own school, Sinosic-Perosh Martial Arts, in Sydney with another big Black belt in Anthony Perosh.

I know when he had back mount and the close figure four.. Oh man, it was off the hook!! Then when Bispind rolled out of back control Elvis had a pained look that said it all...

Elvis trains with spma in sydney.(A. Perosh is training partner as far as I know)

He is one of the toughest SOBs around. Capable of taking more punishment than most humans and, loving it.

I agree that he would benefit greatly by training abroad with others that push him in mma.