Just watched True Lies

I just saw True Lies for the first time in years. Suprised there was no sequal made. Tom Arnold was great in it.

Good movie 

Surprising how little you hear about True Lies. It's absolutely fantastic

I know what this is....

This is an espresso machine

The producers made it only for the "Ass like a 10 year old boy!" line.

Dick Niaz - 

Drop your spermies in this Hollywood Hermie?

Underrated flick. Jamie Lee Curtis as a hot MILF, great action and one-liners. Hell, even Tom Arnold was mostly bearable.

Movie was fun as shit.  JLC was also amazing.

Pretty interesting article on why True Lies 2 never happened:


TLDR: Titanic happened lol

Rip Bill Paxton

True lies?  Is that like Fake News or something?

Chimonos Revenge - I know what this is....

This is an espresso machine


That one always gets me.

great film. almost perfect. right mix of action and humour.

“And a set of titties, make you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk!”

She even took the ice cube trays......

DougWilson - She even took the ice cube trays......

What kind of SICK BITCH takes the ice cube trays, Harry?


Perfect movie, I watch it once per year.

MankTabbott - How does it stand the test of time compared to say, Predator?

Not a fair comparison

Predator was a documentary