Just watched...

...Arlovski vs Cabbage, then Sylvia vs Cabbage.

The overall effect it's had on me is to make me think that Arlovski is at less of a disadvantage to Sylvia than I initially thought, but Big Tim still has the advantage, basically due to his height and very long arms.

Tim has a truly excellent combo of right cross off his pawing jab, but doesn't really seem to move too well on his feet - he seems to have a very static style that relies on his reach advantage and tight attacks. Cabbage caught him a couple of times and Tim basically covered up and tried to ride it out. This showed a weakness (IMVHO) that, in fairness, Tim may well have worked on by now. I couldn't help thinking that with Arlovski's killer instinct, he would have had a reasonable chance of finishing Tim in such a circumstance. Tim looked to have a decent but unspectacular chin, and better kicks than I remembered.

Arlovski's overall technique and movement are what allowed him to take Cabbage, and for the record it looks like it took him fewer strikes to finish Cabbage off. I was, with no offence meant to Tim Sylvia at all, more impressed with Arlovski overall. However, I think Tim would have a very good chance of tagging him with that right cross, especially in countering a kick, and I don't think Arlovski has the chin to shrug it off.

I still have an advantage to Tim, but Arlovski sure does move better and if anyone is going to take out Tim Sylvia standing, it's gonna be someone like Arlovski, with a lot of speed, technique and decent power.

What a great matchup, I hope it happens this year.

I also hope Sylvia and Arlovski get to fight in the cage. They are the top 2 HW in UFC and could give anyone a tough time IMO.

Should be a great fight, seems like both guys love to strike.

good analysis.

Good thread, I think Arlovski will be the champion.

Gary Hughes

I bet Arlovski takes Tim down.

And the Rizzo fight was a jab-cross combo as well. Brutal KO!!!

I think Arlovski's improved since then. I'd go with a KO or maybe even a sub from the Pitbull, cuz I heard Tim aint all that on his back.

Thanks for the props guys.

Which fights can I watch to see Arlovski's takedown game? Whilst I think it's very believable that Arlovski is better than Sylvia on the ground, getting it there is a different matter, and I'd like to see Arlovski's takedown game before I alter my analysis.