Justice for Jay Meezee!!!

This poor unemployed aspiring rapper was savagely run over by Alexian Lien. Mr. Lien was out on an anniversary celebration with his wife and 1 year-old child when he decided he wanted to impress his wife by plowing through a gang of innocent bikers. Jay Meezee was simply trying to help a downed fellow biker when he was hit and left "forever forever" paralyzed. The fact that Mr. Meezee, who has a lengthy criminal record, was trying to help a downed biker was VALIDATED by his wife who wasn't at the scene.

Please show your support for Jay. They are even asking for donations since he doesn't have motorcycle insurance. It's tough to get approved when you don't have a license in the first place.

Show your support!


Cash or check? Chinese driver acted stupidly. That poor meezee coulda been me.

If I had a son, he could have looked just like McJeezy Phone Post 3.0

I am Meezee(insert innocent looking boys & girls of all races here)

I'm wearing my riding jacket at the office all week long to show my support. Phone Post

Voted you up for your stellar use of sarcasm, OP. Phone Post 3.0

Jay 'Speedbump' Meezee is an American Hero!

jac0bear - If I had a son, he could have looked just like McJeezy Phone Post 3.0
Lol! VU Phone Post 3.0

Justice for Speedbump!!!!!

Lol @ this whole thread.

Mark Phone Post 3.0


I am curious how a guy who raps in a group called "the money crew" has no money.

didn't you know?

Rappers pretend to have money until they actually have money, then their pretending just becomes bragging.