Justice League: Doom

Anyone else watch this? I was pretty disappointed honestly, considering the hype. Very ho-hum and predictable. It seems like all of the DC heroes were severely written down to make the fights competitive.

So far I think the Superman-Batman apocalypse was probably the best of the JLA animated movies.

The best of the JLA is Justice League Unlimited. They just need to make that again forever.

Didn't think this was released yet

So Batman quit the JLA? Phone Post

Zenoplata - Under the Red Hood was good.
People keep saying that, and I don't see how. 

At best it was ok --- the animation was ok, the voice acting was ok...but the plot resolved around several "I'm magically better than Batman or Nightwing because I'm the villain, even though my own stupidity got me killed and I've been worm food for years" moments.  Actually, scratch that, the entire plot resolved around that.

/end rant