Justin Bieber Scored the Bout for Wiman

From Post-Fight Conference: The Cruz-Faber fight was very difficult to score and left Faber extremely disappointed. At least he kept it together in the Octagon. Matt Wiman failed to hold it together when it was announced he'd lost a close decision to Denis Siver. Wiman ran from the Octagon and eventually out of the building. White no issue with the decision. He scored it for Siver, but did say one celebrity onlooker disagreed vehemently. Justin Bieber thought Wiman won the fight. There's no news on whether the 17-year-old singer also left the arena in disgust. A less than thrilled Bieber is pictured below with the legendary Chuck Liddell. It's hard to smile for a photo after missing on out plus-240 Wiman payday.


I didn't find the Cruz-Faber fight hard to score at all. It was a pretty straight forward fight to judge imo.

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Well, that settles it then. Surely this Justice Beaver kid knows MMA better than the judges.

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At first I thought Wiman won, but now: 30-24 Siver.

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