Justin Bruckmann

Anyone hear ever train with Justin Bruckmann? Looking for a good club to train at and have hear both positive and negative comments about him.

I hear he's a pretty big deal?

never heard of him.

i hear C-Hamzeh trains with him too!!! you ask him

I hear he's very important. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

His ju-jitsu is so so, but he's great fun on a Saturday night.

I've trained under him, great teacher and handsome to boot

The guy has a great antique collection of inflatable butt plugs

He has pretty decent judu

He does have some nice T's.

He gave me my fuchsia belt.

Justin Bruckmann taught me some of the finer points of European cooking.

Also, my post has nothing to do with MDF's.

Oh man MDF...oh man...

i heard he trains with the legendary Chad Sexington...ya i don't beleive it either

I hear he sings to loo and eats his boo.

Met him once. Nice guy. He's no Ryan Boux but then again, who is?

Paul Ebejer and I did some secret Ninja training with Bruckmann. I cornered him in his fight with Ryan Boux. It's too bad the invisibility Ninja move failed at precisely the wrong time :(

invisibility Ninja technique doesn't work without the ninja boots and smoke bombs. Surely, you didn't forget the ninja boots and smoke bombs.

I think he is sponsored by Toppers Pizza. His picture hangs on the wall at the Whitby location. Although he could of just won an eating contest...

I challenged his judo once and he threw me 15 consecutive times!