Justin Credible Returning To WWE

 Former WWE Superstar Justin Credible noted on his Twitter Thursday that he was contacted the company concerning the WWE Network.

"I come home and see WWE on my call id. Things are really starting to look up," Credible said. "mark carrano called for work on wwe network. Im super exicited. it just makes me happy to be thought of and to be a part of the company on any capacity."

 Good to see things looking up for the forgotten Kliq member.

"Feed me more" - Ryback

Hope I'm wrong, but I can see him messing up and getting bounced.

He peaked as Aldo Montoya IMO.

RedDragonUK - "Feed me more" - Ryback

LOL. Phone Post

Maybe the WWE network is going to run ECW tape late at night and they want him to help host?

Found an interesting shoot interview with him on youtube.


 Was watching November to Remember back in 99 with some friends.  He was on there with a group of thugs and one of my friends said

"Who is that?  Stone Cold with friends?"

made me laugh

He's returning to the ring as Aldo Montoya at Chikara in September with 123 Kid and Tatanka. Phone Post

LOL, I watched part one.

He talked about how he got signed with WWF at a taping in Lowell.

My brush with (sorta) greatness. I was hanging in the bar with him and a bunch of local indy guys later that night. He mentioned he got signed, I didn't realize at the time it had just happened a few minutes before we talked.