Justin Flores Teaching in SoCal--8/17 @ OCJTC


On Friday August 17th,  Orange County Judo Training Center in Anaheim California will have  5x National Champion, Pan American medalist and World Team member Justin Flores as a guest instructor.  The time is 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Justin is one of the finest technicians to ever come out of Southern California.  He is an amazing teacher, and truly knows  the judo game from grip to ground.

He's been out on the East Coast for the last several years, so the opportunities to have him teach at OCJTC have been few.  As soon as head instructor Juan Montenegro found out he was in the area for a few days, he seized the opportunity to bring him in for our Friday class. 

The class will focus on competition judo.  Juan has decided to rent out a second part of the dojo, so we can invite our friends in the judo community to join us.  OCJTC has a $15 mat fee, which we've always waived for out of town guests, but the mat fee will be in effect, and the proceeds will go to Justin.

If you are competing in the Golden State Open, the weigh-ins are about 2 miles from the dojo on Friday.  Maybe you can learn something to use in the competition on Saturday.

The class is open to judokas with membership in USJA, USJF, and USA Judo. 

As stated earlier, Justin will be in So Cal for a few days. He is coming out here for Ronda's fight against Kaufman.  He is also fantastic at teaching no-gi  (He was an All-American wrestler in high school and a great collegiate wrestler at Nebraska).  I don't know his schedule, but he might be available earlier in the week.  If you're interested in having Justin teach, post on this thread and I'll make sure he sees it.

For the OCJTC location, please visit the website at www.ocjudo.com  If you want to attend, please call Sensei Juan Montegro at the contact number on the website.  For parking, please use W. Mells Lane as the parking lot at the dojo is very small.

Here is a video with some Justin Flores competition highlights.  Check out how awesome he was even at 9 years old.



Thanks for the bump Brian!

If any of you are in the area drop by or tel a friend that is in the area!

Thanks again for all the kind words OCJudoTrngCtr

 Hey Justin,

You're welcome, but the words are not kind that I've posted about you over the years.  They are the truth.

Juan and I have always appreciated the great young home grown talent that we have  had in Southern California.  While many have asked us over the years to help bring this guy or that guy to the area, we have declined.  We always thought it was better to promote the young people coming up than the already established.

Since 2006 we brought in  Chuck Jefferson, David Camarillo, Dan Camarillo, Ronda Rousey all multiple times, and Tetsu Okano, Rick Hawn (though not from Cali), Joshua Resnick in to run camps and clinics.  The only other guy we had was Swain.  Pedro Dias ( you remember the World Cup medalist you beat) came with Ronda during the holidays one time.  Joshua still comes around all the time, and we would offer any help he requested as he builds his program down the street a few miles from us.

You were the one that we never seemed to have the opportunity to host.  Honestly, Juan and I were so glad that you called.  It was a no-brainer.

I think our track record speaks for itself.  We pay careful attention to the young players and what they are doing as they continue to grow in judo, life and the martial arts.  Juan and I are as excited to have you come as we were with any of the ones listed above.


 Just watched Justin teaching at The Jiu-Jitsu League in Long Beach, CA.  I'd like to thank Kevin Howell for hosting him.

Justin taught about 20 students his version of yoko-tomoenage and the transitions to juji-gatame, and also a failed tomoenage into a choke. The move Flavio Canto made famous.  I really liked how detailed Justin's instruction was, and he broke the technique down.  His warmups were based on what he was going to teach, and how they would be used in his version of yoko tomoenage.

He had them drill every step, and surprising to me, is that after one hour,  nearly all 20 of the students could demonstrate a decent yoko tomo.  I had to leave, so I didn't see what else he taught. But the first 1:15 was very good.

He's at OCJTC tomorrow night.  If you are in the area, please stop by.  It will be between 7:00pm-9:00pm  and we have a $15 mat fee, typically waived, but not this time. Proceeds will go to Justin.

 Less than two hours away.  If you are coming, please park on W. Mells.  Limited parking at facility.