Justin Flores

Just like to know how Justin is doing any info would be appreciated. Hope he wins it all!!!

he's taken some time to himself to heal up and finish school this year. not a bad decision, he's had more than his share of injuries.

no matter what he is the favorite at 66kg from now til whenever.

Thank you Joshua. Please keep me updated.

early info is that he lost for 3rd at nationals to josh o'neil....? it doesnt matter much though, one sub-par day for justin is only going to make him all the more dangerous for everybody else.

he is still the only active 66kg who has come close to taking a european A medal with his 2 5th places last year.

That sucks for Justin.Going into this I tried to tell him this tournament doesn't make or break him. I was just happy see him back out there and getting his body to function after those nagging injuries.Thanks for your help.

justin is a great player who has a body thats simply unable to keep up with the demands right now. its sad to see actually. he has a ton of talent, smarts, techniqe, everything you need... except good knees and vertabre.

id love to see him take 6 months away from anything having to do with judo tournament and do nothing but rehab and strength work. if he can just have 6 healthy months the entire world will have to watch out.

Was his right ankle bothering him? I know in class he twisted it last Thursday night - it might have affected his performance if it was very painful.


I heard it was his knee.