Justin Gaethje brother puts Home Depot on blast over masks

Flavorful seems upset and probably wears a mask with a hole cut out in the middle so he can suck on penises!


This is beyond retarded. American citizens are already subservient, especially the ones on the right who are proud to work 60 hours a week just to make ends meet.

We’re already slaves to corporations. Do you really think that they think there’s a benefit in us wearing masks?

You dumb fuckface, I’m arguing FOR wearing the mask.

A lot of us were complaining about China way before Trump was even a potential candidate. It was a fairly hot topic during Obama.

So I’m assuming everyone in the store is dead now because he didn’t wear his mask or?


@Charles_Barkley did you invent I wild each it, or were you the guy who held up the sign?

I like to think that we all lol that meets their naked

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Lol what a moron