Justin Wren (Me) of TUF 10 getting ear drained

What's up UG! I have been reading the forums since I was a junior in high school which was 2004. I have never been one to post but I am on mma.tv daily, it is my homepage on my Iphone and Computer.

I thought now that I am on TUF 10 I would introduce myself, and try to be a part of positive threads.

Being on the show was awesome! You guys are going to love it :) Best season ever and I was so fortunate to be included in the show! I have a couple of links that can describe a little bit about me... Hope everyone's night is going well and I will be on for a bit to answer some questions if anybody happens to have any.

Here is the new video on youtube of me getting my ear drained... Back story is that it's Jan. of 08 the night before my fight with Ralph Kelly. My buddy found the vid on his computer a couple of nights ago and we were being goofballs.


Fight Video:

Here is the link to the video the night after the ear draining... I was 20 years old during this fight and just a pure wrestler. I am 22 now. If you just enter your email and a password you can view the fight. People tell me it is like the Ralphy Fight from "The Christmas Story" movie.


My main background is wrestling... this was back in the day. I am a Greco Roman National Champion.


Also some news with me is that September 1st I will officially move to Denver to be a Greg Jackson affiliate training with guys like Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt, Elliot Marshall, Bang Ludwig, and Brendan Schaub. During fight camps I will also be training with the Jackson team in NM with Evans, Jardine, GSP, Jones, and many of the other VERY talented guys who rotate back and forth from NM to CO... I am very lucky to be making this move. I know it will better my career and am very fortunate.

I hope that this thread comes off well and not that I am attention seeking. Just thought that as a cast member of the upcoming season that it would be nice to introduce myself on my first ever thread. Also I hope to get a green name! Let me know how to get a hold of one of those! 

 welcome to the forum Justin.

Welcome Justin. It's time you got yourself a green name. Looking very forward to season 10.

It's about damn time you posted here, Wren!


Thanks for helping me with the links!

Quik! I might be mistaken but I am pretty sure that while I was in Ames or maybe before you started a thread or post about me? It definitely is time that I came here! I am going to be here to update people on me and to take part of positive conversations! I was told by a wise man of the UG to just roll with the punches when it comes to "flames" lol... So I will be here to respond to useful subjects :)

I am excited to be a part of the UG! It feels weird posting after reading for 5 years haha.

Yes that is the word I was looking for!

I have Lurked for years! haha

Quik are you in Iowa? I am in Johnston visiting my gf's family then I move to Denver.


Yes, I started a post stating that you'd one day be the HW champion of the UFC...I got faith in you man! Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup Ames still! Married now, have a 3 yr old stepdaughter and a girl on the way (Christmas due-date) so I'm getting pretty freaked out. Business is good, busy most of the time ... can't wait to watch the new TUF! You should send an email to kirik@mma.tv and have him hook you up with a green name

 I figured youd be headed back to your special hotel in Florida. 


Thanks buddy! That is the goal! Getting into it young so I can become as well rounded as possible and have time to grow as a fighter, build experience, and hopefully achieve my dreams.

KKM??? You'll have to help me out there I am lost haha.

Get this man a Green Name.

Looking forward to this season of TUF (it's been a while since I could say that)

Justin, whats up buddy its Russell from Biloxi. We have not communicated in a while. I was glad to see you made the show. Need to come back down to the coast to one of our shows and to visit some family. I seem to remember you had some down this way.

Yes I am down in Biloxi every Christmas... I will be down there this one as well. Fellow cast member Wes Shivers trains down there so I may be hooking up with him to train as well.

PinkSinglet- Give Mike Wessel a hard time for me! That guy is a nut, in a great way.

Quik- I received an email from Kirik just now! Hopefully I get me that green name soon. Congrats on the marriage! Congrats on the little girl on the way.

www.62gear.com people! Good dude with a little girl on the way.

Mad Xyientist- Thanks for putting up the vids!

Great we will have to get togethor. I know Wes really well. He has fought on my show many times. He is training part time over at Alan's gym Remix. You should also come by John Dixsons gym while your down also. You know Tracter has been fighting at LHW. I think when we met you in Oklahoma a few years back he was weighing 306lb. Did you ever try the strength and conditioning work out I sent you?

Holy cow! Tractor is down to LHW... That is nuts and good, congrats to him.

I look a little different then I do in the ear draining video... a little bit more muscle :) Not too much though haha.

Thank you justin! Ill be conning one of my friends into a bet on which team you join. I think I have this one in the bag...


No joke man I was the kid that grew up in a conservative family... Snuck UFC 1-10 VHS tapes under my bed... Dad busted me and thought it was dirty videos lol!

I have been a LONG time fan of EVERYTHING mma, blessed enough to do it for a living.

This season is the best yet! Real fighters, all of us want that contract! The knockouts on the show are the best yet, the subs are slick and they'll make highlights for those guys... and the decisions, are WARS and could go either way... Not really any of the guys were on there to be reality stars like past seasons... I am so amped for the season... You guys will be very entertained... and I can't wait to watch it unfold as well.

Here is a vid of Tony's first fight at 205lb. He Ko'd WEC Vet Scott Harper. Look forward to seeing you in December. Tony does not even look like the same guy.