Justin Wren's TUF 10 blog - episode 5

 Here's Justin's blog for episode 5 (A.K.A. Wes Sims takes a nap edition) Here's Justin Wren's TUF 10 blog for episode five - http://promma.info/index.php/2009/10/15/justin-the-viking-wrens-the-ultimate-fighter-10-blog-episode-5/

 I was trying to remember but I think this is the first time someone has been put to sleep on TUF. Definitely cool and Justin proved he deserves to be there.  Congrats Justin.

He seems like the kind of guy I would cheer for but we barely have got to know him on the show since the first few weeks was all about Kimbo.  

He seems to take the sport seriously and is not a character who tries to be funny for the cameras and also happens to fight.