JUSTIN'S MMA Career!!!

You had a few choice statements about other peoples MMA careers! What about yours, I heard you got guillotined in under a minute by a dude that had never fought before and never fought again!!!



The guy actually got beaten by Soa in the 2nd round and went 10mins with Api HEMMARA.

I far prefer putting on Australia's best cards and not fighting on 3 days notice, when not training for 7 years before.

Now go fuck yourself little fella :)


Thats pretty impressive ;)

Whats his name?


fans, fighters, managers, promoters and media all have opinion on other fighters careers, fights and lives...

Sure Justin has his opinions and is often painfully vocal about them...but like you he has his right to say such things.

How does his fight career affect his promotion or opinions ?

Kym Robinson

Never said it did.

Basket weaving finals on ESPN !

Hey ! Given all the fun I had on the various "this beats doing any work on a Friday" threads yesterday, I feel compelled to take a few minutes and say that for all his apparent "eccentricities" Justin has done the right thing by me on the 2 occasions I attended the XFC.

So, not really anything to do with the subject, and whilst having some fun at Justin's expense is sometimes unavoidable, a thread bashing him for a reason like this compelled me to say "good job on the good things Justin, keep them up"


I respect anyone who has the balls to get into the ring as many never do. What i dont respect is BS hype and promotions about BS he was a olypic westler or he is a world calss BJJ or he is a world class wrestler or he is a world class boxer ect ect when none of it can be proved.

I was a world class boxer and Olympic wrestler?!?!?

Sh! keats please don't tell anyone again :)


Well maybe you should be Bonellos next match :)

two words for u SammyT GET FUCKED, man u r a fuck toss, u say the stupidest shit dont see u getting in the ring, justin gave it a go which is more than u do u fucking computer nerd.



Just because your Dad is also your cousin, you red-headed step child, get your nose out of Justin's arse!!! Is Justin pregnant with your baby! That would explain his girth and your attitude of potent man-love for him!

Fighters that Justin rags on would walk over him just to get to a fight! That's my point! Who else do I give shit to? Besides you, you ferral little waste of time, go get a tan and a clue you pale bloodnutted streak of seagull shit!!!

You guys are both 60kg right? You should get it on ;)

yeah dont give blood nuts crap. good ol juggs is of the red side and hes just as cool as anyone on here

How is your MMA record looking SammyT?

True, but not on an XFC card. I don't fight for food stamps!

Sammy you have crossed the line.

While Justins promotion antics are ammusing and sometimes saddening, he had the balls to get into the ring and as far as I know was not in training for it.

Did someone say something bad about blood nuts? I'm a bloodnut (and also around 60kg Sammy).

What line, I was never aware of a line! If you want to kill the thread then stop posting on it! I have made my point! AND it is one bloodnut in particular. I have also said on another thread I am not posting about this BS anymore!!!

Jacob you ain't a bloodnut!

I think Jacob's still a baldnut :)

Sammy T, if you wanna fight drop me an email. Our pay schedule is second to none in Australia. You don't get the likes of BONELLO, VILLASENOR and SEVERN for food stamps!

I have a first timer called Mark who will fight at 63kg. We would be able to match you if you obtained parental consent.