JW Marriott line of hotels

I have read that JW Marriott is supposed to be inline with The Four Seasons in terms of luxury and service.

I have never stayed at one but need to book a room in Tamps for a night and there is a JW there.

Anyone stay at one? Are they nice? Worth the premium?

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When I used to do supplier quality, I did a shit ton of travelling and stayed in different hotels. Marriot came to be my favorite for the higher type of hotels. Comfortable, clean and up class yet cozy. I would recommend it…

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Did you ever stay at a JW?

I see them popping up all over. They claim it is the equivalent to the Four Seasons.

Last time I was in Tampa I stayed at a Sheraton and the service was awful.

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They’re nice, but definitely not equivalent to the four seasons.


I stayed at the Four Seasons in Philly and the one in NYC. The one in Philly I felt like a prince. The experience was amazing. New York not so much, but the place was teeming with smoking hot hookers after 10.


Not sure if they had JW back then (this was over 10 years ago) but what I can say is that every Marriot I stayed in regardless of city, state or province, felt the same with the upper class and cleanliness so I assume this is what they mandate with their locations and most likely would be the same at JW’s…

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Thank you, I appreciate the input.

I booked a room, it has to be better than the Sheraton. I think that was my most disappointing hotel stay ever.

Omni went to shit the last few years too which is sad.

Anytime. Let me (us) know your thoughts during / after your stay. Again, it was over 10 years ago when I did the crazy travelling for work but I assume the way they operate would still be the same…

Both are great quality chains with premium experiences. Four Seasons I think feels a bit uppity and for vacation though whereas JW feels upscale and more for business, but not exclusively for business.

Stay across the street at the Marriott if less expensive. Both are nice. You can walk to the JW for cocktails at their rooftop bar

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JW’s are higher end but not the same caliber as a Four Seasons. The last one I stayed at was in Austin, TX 3-4 months ago.

With the current corporate Covid restrictions hotels in general haven’t been able to provide the same amenities (lounges, gym, personal services etc).

The JW in Tampa is next to the Amalie Arena so it’s good if you are attending a concert/show. Also the Tampa Convention Center is right there. There are a bunch of hotels in that area but you may want to see what is happening at the Arena or Convention Center. If you are there for business it can be a long night if there is a convention or concert going on.

This. I stayed at a few of both, mostly overseas

I use a JW Marriott property for events that I run here. Overall it’s a quality hotel, but I think your experience is going to be dependent on the location you are at.

Lol, the Sheraton is a dump. The Water Street Marriot is very nice, and the JW is fantastic.

They are NOT four season or Ritz quality.

They are very nice (everyone I’ve ever stayed in, especially Scottsdale, AZ). They aren’t the Four Season though. FS, St Regis and Rotz are the best Marriott Brands by far

stayed at the one in vegas. It was nice and all but not 4 seasons nice.

edit: I was eating at the indoor promenade in there one afternoon. I dont know why I ordered a tuna melt. Ive never ordered a tuna melt in my life. This was the best goddamn sandwich, Id have trouble expressing how much I liked it. 2 doods were sitting next to me at a table eating and the one guy started barfing all over the place. Like this guy was gushing…i picked up my tuna melt, went to the next table, and gladly finished it while watching that guy barf all over. Thats how good it was. So I guess the moral of the story is, theyre swell if you like tuna melts.

They’re decent. Not a four seasons. Not a Lowe’s.

But every hotel chain has some that don’t deserve the flag. The Omni I stayed at in Indianapolis was way more like a Budgetel.

I was booked a room at the Sheraton for an event. The service was so fucking awful. The Italian restaurant across the street was fun though.

Years ago Omni was a great brand.

They seemed to dumb it down for conference business over the years.

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