JZ Cavalcanti K.O.'s Monma - HEROS

Gesias "JZ" Cavalcanti knocks out Monma in the first round of the K-1/HERO'S Tournament!

JZ came out throwing a front kick that landed flush in the chest knocking Monma down. JZ quickly got on top of Monma where he unloaded with punches brutally knocking Monma unconcious approx. 2:20 into the first round!

Beautiful job by JZ who took this fight on short notice. JZ really came through and now will advance to the 2nd round of thr tourney.

Congrats JZ!


JZ is definitely capable of winning the tournament.



Congrats to my neginho!!!!!  Watch for JZ take the tounament.  The next K-1 light weight GP champion!!!!

JZ is a killer!



JZ = Next K-1 Lightweight GOD!!!

in 1 year, JZ vs Kid = Fight of the decade!

ttt to jz
this kid deserves that.

JZ will win this tournmanent.

JZ is an animal

Brutal GnP. Hard to belive that a little guy can have so much power...

the kick of the year so far.. floored Monma in a hurry :)


Another angle



JZ and Aurelio are both on a roll. Two bad dudes imo.