K-1 and PRIDE results (SPOILER)


Shogun defeats Nakamura by Decision

Aoki def Joachim Hansen by Sub in the first

Gomi defeats Ishida by KO in the First about a minute in, Gomi looked great

Big Nog defeats Barnett by Unanimous Decision(GREAT fight, Barnett had a choke deep and Nog got out.)

Fedor defeats Hunt by Kimura late in the First(Hunt got out of an early armbar that was phenominal, then Hunt controlled the pace almost the whole first round before Fedor turned it into overdrive and finished him.)

Melendez defeated Kawajiri by Unanimous Deciosion

Gono defeated Kongo by close decision

Tamura defeated Minowa by KO in the first

James Thompson defeated Yoshida by KO in the first(fun fight, they let this fight go on painfullly long, Yoshida was done. It was painful to see them let it continue.)

Fujita defeated ???(wrestler guy) by KO in the 1st. Waste of a match and easy Fujita win.

K1 Results

Genki Sudo wins by Sub in the 1st

Kid Yamamato wins by TKO in the 1st

Akiyama wins by TKO early in the first against Sak

Giant Silva defeats Akebono by Sub in the 1st

Andy Olgun defeats Ken Kaneko by Dec.

Nagata won by KO in the first

Hong Man Choi won by First round KO

Tokoro won a decision over Royler Gracie
  1. Ikuhise Minowa vs Kiyoshi Tamura
    Round 1 - After both come in swinging, Tamura lands successive low kicks, then manages to land a knee to Minowa's mid-section, immediately dropping Minowa. After two unncessary and unanswered soccer kicks, Tamura wins via KO Round 1

  2. Aoki vs Joachim Hansen
    Round 1 - Aoki brings the speed quickly and lands an immediate takedown. After some movement on the floor Aoki manages to attempt an armbar, which is stuffed after one attempt. However manages to secure a gogoplata, forcing "Hellboy" to tap. Aoki wins via gogoplata Round 1.

  3. Yuki Kondo vs Akihiro Gono
    Round 1 - Both fighters seem very light on their feet. Kondo pushes the pace slightly in the very beginning. Gono catches a leg kick and takes Kondo to the ground falling into Kondo's guard. Gono makes constant attempts to pass guard however they manage to get to their feet. Gono throwing strikes, no real damage or consequences. Kondo sporting a bad swell on his right eye. Uneventful Round 1.

    Round 2 - Kondo starts the round with a flying knee that gets stuffed. Gono throwing lots of middle and low kicks. Fight goes to the ground with Gono in Kondo's guard, again. After both get to their feet they continue to exchange with no real consequence. More of the same round 2. Gono retains the upper hand winning via Split Decision.

  4. Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
    Round 1 - Nakamura starts exchanging then immediately goes to clinch. Shogun holds Nakamura in the corner throwing knees. With brief moments exchanging Shogun lands a takedown and moves to side control then moves to secure a mount. Nakamura sweeps and takes it back to his feet back into the clinch. Shogun secures another takedown and moves into side control yet the fight goes to the feet again. The pace slows on the ground with Nakamura giving up his back. Shogun gets a rear mount with both hooks and attempts a RNC. Nakamura sweeps AGAIN, and takes it to the feet. Great first round!

    Round 2 - Second round starts slow with the fight moving into the clinch. Shogun scores another takedown into side control. Shogun takes mount again yet finds no effective way to utilize the position. Shogun takes Nakamura's back again with both hooks in. Nakamura stuffs more RNC attempts. At the end of the round Nakamura sweeps and the bell rings. Great performance, however Shogun retains the upper hand.

    Round 3 - Nakamura comes out slugging however Shogun catches a kick and takes Nakamura down taking the mount easily again. The pattern continues. Nakamura swings, the two clinch, then the fight goes to the ground. Shogun takes side control and tries some knees to Nakamura's side. Both fighters refuse to quit, and the fight goes to the judges for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

  5. Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Gilbert Melendez
    Round 1 - Both fighters come out with wild punches and immediately go to clinch. Gilbert lands a mean overhand right, however Kawajiri gains N/S position then moves back to clinch. Gilbert after the break starts landing some good combinations. Gilbert continues to retain the upper hand on stand up exchanges. Gilbert takes Kawajiri's back and gets both hooks in. Gilbert attempts to sink in a RNC. Tons of exchanges, very even fight, what a war.

    Round 2 - The pace continues, with constant exchanges, ground battles, sweeps and more, however, Gilbert Melendez moves to take the fight via Unanimous Decision.

  6. Kazuyuki Fujita vs Eldari Kurtanidze
    Round 1 - The Georgian wrestler simply could not withstand the strikes from Iron Head and fell quickly in the beginning of the opening round. Fujita wins via KO Round 1.

  7. Takanori Gomi vs Mitsuhiro Ishida
    Roud 1 - Gomi enters the fight keeping his hands down baiting Ishida with High kicks. Ishida throws a high kick while Gomi counters and lands a hook sending Ishida to the ground and proceeds to lay some of the most viscous GnP all year. Gomi wins by murderous TKO Round 1.

  8. Hidehiko Yoshida vs James Thompson
    Round 1 - Yoshida enters the ring unexpectedly without wearing his Gi. Thompson starts the fight with a flying knee caught by Yoshida. Yoshida lands the takedown and moves to side control. While attempting an arm bar, Yoshida gets picked up and almost slammed by Thompson. Next Yoshida tries a heel hook but Thompson works his way out of it. Upon rising, the two begin to exchange then quickly clinch. Yoshida excites the crowd by throwing standing combinations of his own. Yoshida obtains side control and proceeds to lock a Kimura, however Thompson does a good job of rolling it out. Thompson proceeds to attempt a knee-bar on Yoshida but fails. Yoshida starts taking a beating 7 minutes in taking a flurry of punches and knees. Thompson mounts and GnP's his way to a TKO victory over Yoshida 8 Minutes into the first round.

  1. Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs Josh Barnett
    Round 1 - The fight starts with both fighters light on their feet. Both throw light jabs patiently. After a bit of circling the two proceed to clinch. Josh lands a nice straight right Big'Nog answers back with a Thai Clinch and some knees. Beginning of the fight, the two seem content exchanging standing up. The two exchange with punches and knees with thus far NO ground game what so ever. Josh lands a big slam. Followed by N/S and some knees to the head. First time the fight hit the ground. Big'Nog eventually sweeps and takes upper ground. Big'Nog tries some GnP inside Josh's 1/2 guard, with no real effect. The fight enters the 8 minute mark and it seems Big'Nog has started to lose gas. Excellent round. In favor of Big'Nog

    Round 2 - Big'Nog lands a nice knee and the fight is stopped momentarily. The two remain standing choosing to exchange. Josh actively aims for body shots. Big'Nog lands a takedown, but Josh sweeps and ends up in Big'Nog's guard. The fight stops again to check Josh's bloody nose. Through the exertions it appears Big'Nog's conditioning is holding up better than Josh's. Josh appears gassed as the bell nearly rings.

    Round 3 - The fight starts with both fighters exchanging punches again. Big'Nog lands a nice one two combination with some knees. As they fall Josh nearly ends the fight with a guillotine choke. Big'Nog's GnP has vastly improved as well as his standup game. Incredible war both standing and on the ground. Big'Nog continued to dominate through the third round. Big'Nog continues to win the fight via Unanimous Decision.

  2. Fedor Emelianenko vs Mark Hunt
    Round 1 - Fedor and Hunt exchange briefly. Mark Hunt lands the better of two takedowns managing to obtain side control. Hunt proceeds to try for a kimura twice, but fails both times. Fedor manages to get to his feet, take Hunt down to 1/2 guard, and finish the Kick boxer from New Zealand via Kimura. Fedor wins Round 1 via Kimura submission.

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